Survios Announce VR Music Creation App Electronauts

by David Jagneaux • December 14th, 2017

Survios, the development studio behind Raw Data and Sprint Vector, announced Electronauts today, which marks their third VR project. Electronauts is an immersive, VR music creation tool with a heavy focus on interactivity. Users will be able to experience music in new, surreal ways by remixing, composing, and performing all while using electronic instruments inside VR.

Additionally, Survios is partnering with Grammy-winning “superproducer” duo Stargate (as well as other unannounced artists) to incorporate well-known, top-tier talent into the experience. The official fact sheet also mentions you can “jam with your friends” hinting at a potential multiplayer feature.

“Never before have you been able to create music and interact with sound in a truly immersive way,” said Stargate’s Mikkel Eriksen in a prepared statement. “This opens up for a totally new level of creative freedom and will inspire both seasoned artist and musicians as well as people with no musical training. Anyone can instantly create magic.”

We still don’t know a whole lot about this new project, so the assertion that users have “never before” been able to “create and interact with sound in a truly immersive way” feels like it might be a bit hyperbolic in the face of existing VR music apps such as SoundStage and EXA. According to press materials, it reportedly utilizes a new “Music Reality Engine” that’s been trademarked presumably by Survios for this app specifically.

If you’re a musically-gifted VR artist that wants to get in on the ground floor, you can sign up for the closed Creator Beta right now on the official website. Platforms don’t appear to be mentioned anywhere other than some logos in the bottom corner of the website hinting at potential Vive, Rift, and PSVR support.

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Update: This post has been updated with additional context and clarity regarding Mikkel Eriksen’s quote.

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