Survios To Release VR Arcade Version of ‘Raw Data’ Following Game’s Sales Success

by Joe Durbin • January 17th, 2017

Survios is one of early virtual reality’s most impressive success stories. The young studio has created one of the best-selling VR experiences available today, in Raw Data. This experience is available only through Steam for the HTC Vive (with unofficial Oculus Rift with Touch support) and it has eclipsed the elusive $1 million benchmark in sales. Now, on the heels of this success, Survios is announcing that its game will soon be playable in VR arcades around the world.

According to an official release from the company, “Survios Inc. today announced the launch of an arcade-optimized version of their best-selling, critically-acclaimed game, Raw Data, in virtual reality arcade entertainment venues across the globe with localized marketing and customer support.”

This Arcade Version of Raw Data will give gamers the same fast paced, high-octane experience they’ve come to know and love on their personal systems. However, the port will be an “exclusive version of Raw Data, created specifically for arcades” and this iteration will offer a “uniquely streamlined experience” featuring “simplified in-game menus, improved loading times, faster multiplayer matchmaking, and robust admin tools for arcade operators.”

Additionally, in the new arcade version:

“Players will have access to multiple game modes—including match-based hero progression and fully unlocked quickplay—ensuring an engaging experience for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Additionally, customizable gameplay timers make Raw Data Arcade easily adaptable to both short and long arcade play sessions. Beyond the actual game, arcade operators will also receive marketing support from Survios to promote their business and drive in-store traffic.”

This initiative has apparently been in the works for a while now, with Survios reporting that it has been quietly beta testing this port in more than 30 VR arcades. “Survios is the most sophisticated publisher with respect to arcade operators’ needs,” said McKay Christensen, co-founder and CEO of VR Junkies, a network of arcades with multiple locations in North America. “Raw Data is a fantastic title, and to have that game combined with their marketing support and customer service has been immensely valuable to us.”

This news comes less than a month after Survios revealed it had closed two rounds of fundraising adding up to $50 million. Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer (MGM) led one strategic financing round and MGM chairman and CEO Gary Barber joined the Survios’ board. In addition, a prior financing round was led by Lux Capital with participation from Shasta Ventures, Danhua Capital, Shanda Holdings, Felicis Ventures, and Dentsu Ventures.

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