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Emmerholt: Prologue Is a Promising Taste of Open World VR Adventure RPGs

In the early stages of our young industry the vast majority of VR games have been very tiny experiences that often focus on a core game mechanic and extrapolate gameplay [...]

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Technolust Gets Oculus Touch Support Making the Cyberpunk Dystopia More Immersive Than Ever

How do you make an already great game even better? Simple: You add Oculus Touch motion controller support, expand the ending with more possibilities, add a dense mini game, [...]

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Full-Length Platformer Mervils: A VR Adventure Coming to PS VR Feb. 21

Mervils: A VR Adventure is a charming little game. When we first previewed it on the HTC Vive, it reminded us of a slightly more open-ended, admittedly less polished, [...]

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‘Rangi’ is a VR Puzzle Game from Ex-Ubisoft Devs That Lets You Explore Mythical Africa

In the fervor of the holiday season surrounding the release of PlayStation VR and Google Daydream, followed by the Oculus Touch controllers and the never-ending onslaught [...]

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Winking’s ‘Unearthing Mars’ Wants To Be An Emotive, Memorable PS VR Adventure

PlayStation VR has gotten off to a slow start in 2017, with two weeks of no new games, but the Asia region will at least be getting one intriguing release next [...]

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PS VR’s ‘Unearthing Mars’ Looks A Lot More Interesting In New Trailer

China-based Winking Entertainment is turning into a VR developer to watch. Its Vive game, Project Tres, is very promising, but its PlayStation VR debut, Unearthing Mars, is [...]

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Cloudhead Charts The Road To ‘The Gallery’ Episode 2 With Dev Diary Series

Easily one of our most anticipated releases next year is the second episode of Cloudhead Games’ The Gallery series, Heart of the Emberstone.

Cloudhead [...]

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Sword Art Online’s New VR Game Is Not What We Wanted
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Hands-On: Astro Bot Is A Full PSVR Platformer Based On Playroom’s Robot Rescue
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Hands-On: Blood And Truth Is Starting To Feel A Bit Shallow

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Hands-On – Firewall: Zero Hour Is The Tactical VR Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For
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Here’s Google And LG’s New 1,443 PPI VR Display
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The Forest’s VR Support Is Now Live In Beta, Multiplayer Coming Soon

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Here’s Oculus’ Latest Varifocal Headset Prototype
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Sony: PSVR Is Still Selling, But Industry Growth Is Slower Than Expected
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Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation DLC Review – To Boldly Go In VR

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Report: Dreams Will Now Have PSVR Support On Day One
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