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Adobe Launches AR Creation Tool ‘Project Aero’ For Creative Cloud

Adobe released a preview of a powerful new AR editing & creation tool, currently named ‘Project Aero’. The key feature of Aero that sets it apart from [...]

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Google’s Clay Bavor: Our Goal ‘Is To Make AR Mainstream’

Today, Google is announcing ARCore, a software-based solution for making more Android devices AR-capable without the need for depth sensors and extra cameras. It will even [...]

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Hololens Brings Multiplayer Yu-Gi-Oh to Life with Fan-Made AR Demo

As AR starts to take off amongst developers it was only a matter of time before we saw a fully functional Yu-Gi-Oh! demo.

When someone brings up the idea of [...]

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Reading List: 50 Scifi Books Featuring AR and VR Technology

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on December 1st, 2016 and has been republished in relation to the recent Ready Player One movie trailer [...]

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Disney Files Patent Application For Projector-Based Augmented Reality System

Recently, we reported that Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has stated that he would rather focus on augmented reality over virtual reality for his company’s fleet of [...]

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Five Strange, Hilarious, And Downright Terrible Pokemon GO Rip-Offs

They say imitation is the sincerity form of flattery. If that’s the case then Niantic’s augmented reality hit, Pokemon GO, has been complimented quite a few [...]

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This HoloLens Prototype Brings Golf to AR

CapitolaVR, as described on their website, is a digital agency all about action. They “don’t talk, but prototype” and have built relationships through [...]

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Accounting+ Brings Three Times More Content To Rift, Vive And PSVR
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100 VR Games That You Should Absolutely Be Playing
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VR Game Releases For October 2018

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The Gallery And Vive Pro Take Home Top Honors At 2018 VR Awards
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Sixense Will Refund Its VR Controller Backers, Switch To Enterprise
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Oculus Go Used For In-Flight Pilot Training Demonstration

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‘No Man’s Sky’ Developers Poll Players On Potential VR Support
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Jaunt Shuts Down VR Operations
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Community Download: What Is The Most Underrated VR Game?

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360 Video ‘Do Not Touch’ Takes You Inside Paintings In A Museum
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