Sex In Virtual Reality Is Getting Even More Immersive in 2017
Oculus Sensors Are Technically Hackable Webcams
More Than 62,000 People Are Playing Resident Evil 7 On PS VR
Should You Play ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ in VR?
Field in View: Sony Isn’t Giving Up On PS VR, But Pacing Is A Problem
The 9 Best PSVR Games to Play Right Now
Oculus Vows Appeal of $500 Million Verdict, ZeniMax Threatens Injunction
Thunderbird Won’t Release on Oculus Home Because Devs Don’t Want to ‘Dumb-Down’ The Game
‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ VR Review – Bringing The Survival Back to Horror Games
Exclusive: ‘Dimension Hunter’ Might Be VR’s Most Stylish-Shooter Yet, Demo Out Now
Oscar Nomination For ‘Pearl’ Shines Spotlight On VR
Oculus Studios Promises ‘Months Of High Profile Rollouts’, Here’s What’s Coming
Simple PlayStation Move Mod Brings Dual Analog Control To PSVR Games
Oculus Warns Against Using More Than Three Sensors For Rift And Touch
Community Download: Was Constellation Tracking a Long-Term Mistake for Oculus?
Valve Shows ‘Cheaper, Smaller, Lighter’ Next Generation Base Station Prototype
(Update) Photo Shows Magic Leap ‘Test Rig’ NOT Prototype AR Headset
Hands-On: Project CARS 2 Could Be The Best VR Racing Sim Ever
Vive Tracker Powers Google Daydream Wireless Room Scale Hack
Update: Oculus Touch Tracking Improvements ‘Taking A Little Longer’ Than Expected
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AltspaceVR Expands Cross-Platform Support to Google Daydream and Android

In an email to UploadVR, AltspaceVR announced that it will be releasing a “new version of its software” that consists of a “mobile app that fully supports [...]

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Field in View: Valve, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony – Who Believes What’s Best For VR?

I think it’s time to get things in order a little. To my mind, there are now five major companies publicly involved in the development of the VR ecosystem. Not just [...]

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Google Brings Stable WebVR Support To Chrome on Daydream

Late last month Google opened the doors to its Daydream mobile VR ecosystem up to developers, and now it’s doing the same for the web.

The tech giant today is [...]

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Vive’s VP Of Design Claude Zellweger Leaves HTC For Google Daydream

Claude Zellweger, HTC’s VP of Design, is making the switch from PC VR to mobile VR.

The designer, who worked on both HTC’s smartphones and its Vive VR [...]

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Daydream View Is $50 On Google Play Store Until Late February

Got a shiny new Pixel, or other Daydream-compatible smartphone? Been sitting on the fence about getting into Google’s VR ecosystem? Now might be the right [...]

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Field of View: Someone Really Needs To Start Getting VR Content Curation Right

It has been a very weird week for VR content. Granted it is early in the year, but across five headsets (Rift, Vive, PS VR, Gear and Daydream), there’s very little of [...]

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HTC Vive Overtakes VR/AR Outlook In GDC State of the Industry Survey

The Game Developer Conference is an annual gathering of professional devs as they share their various work-in-progress projects, attend networking functions, speak on and [...]

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Ready Player Cix: How One Rogue is Revolutionizing Mixed Reality
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VR Cast: Is Oculus a Hardware Manufacturer or a Research Company?
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Man Reports Sensation In Missing Fingers Using Oculus Touch

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Valve Shows ‘Cheaper, Smaller, Lighter’ Next Generation Base Station Prototype
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IMAX Launches High-Tech Centers That Make Trying VR a Movie-Like Experience
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Oculus: 2017 Rift Lineup Will Bring the ‘Depth’ of AAA Console/PC Games to VR

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VR Cast: State of the Industry – Are 6.3 Million Headsets Enough?
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Mark Zuckerberg Teases Glove-Based Advanced Hand Tracking Research From Oculus
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We Tried an Underwater VR Headset, and it Worked

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Hands-On: Project CARS 2 Could Be The Best VR Racing Sim Ever
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