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Tim Sweeney On Apple AR: ‘There is Going to be an Incredible Rush of Developers’

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney thinks Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 update, arriving this fall, will be a huge boost to the emerging AR industry.

Sweeney, whose company [...]

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Epic Games Distributes Grants To VR Devs Including Robo Recall Mod Team

During a week where Unity gained a $400 million influx of investment capital, it’s chief rival Epic Games is working to spend $5 million of its own money to [...]

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Robo Recall Officially Gets 360 Tracking Support in Latest Update

Robo Recall [Review: 7.5/10] is one of the biggest VR games the young VR market has seen thus far. It’s developed by game industry veterans at Epic Games, creators of [...]

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Epic’s Tim Sweeney Confirms Robo Recall’s Funding

Robo Recall is a very important game. We labelled the robot-fighting title “very good” in our review, and with its modification system and pedigree coming from [...]

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Learn How To Make Robo Recall Mods Without Coding Experience In This Video

Robo Recall is one of the first VR games to truly push modding, allowing you to bring content created by either yourself or other users into Epic Games’ Oculus Rift [...]

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Robo Recall Vive Support Added With RoboRevive Mod

Developed by Epic Games and with a budget that nearly matched the original Gears of War, Robo Recall [Review: 7.5/10] is probably the Oculus Rift’s biggest exclusive [...]

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VRLO Returns To London This Month With Microsoft, BBC, Epic And More

GDC is nearing its event but the VR events won’t be stopping there. VRLA might be the expo to head to if you’re on the west coast of the USA right now, but [...]

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Introducing Scraper, A Futuristic VR Shooter Reaching For New Heights
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Fable Studio Emerges From the Ashes Of Oculus Story Studio
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CES 2018 Hands-On: VRfree Gloves Feature Great Hand And Finger Tracking

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Eye-Tracking Is Both Incredibly Important And Very Risky
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Why I’m Very Excited For Google And Lenovo’s Mirage Solo
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Hands-on: Primordian Brings Savage Combat, Gorgeous Graphics To Rift/Vive This Week

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HTC: Vive Pro ‘Will Require A Better Machine’ To See Improved Visuals
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NextVR’s Resolution Upgrade Is A Game-Changer
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The Surrogate Is A Black Mirror-Style VR Experience

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CES 2018 Hands-On: Black Box VR Gave Me A Real Workout
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