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This Man Has Already Lost 10 Pounds From Playing Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR just came out a little over a week ago for PC (our full review) and one dedicated player (elliotttate on Reddit) has already used it to lose 10 pounds. In case [...]

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9 Of The Best VR Games For Working Up A Sweat

Now that VR is nearing its second year of consumer-grade availability a lot of the games coming out are breaking new ground in terms of what can be done from within an HMD. [...]

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Hands-On With BoxVR: Can VR Replace The Traditional Gym?

Despite alarming rises in global obesity, there has never been so few excuses to avoid exercise. Wearables such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit can monitor our movement and [...]

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Hands-On: ViveNChill Fan Helps Fight Sweaty Faces and Foggy Lenses

I sweat a lot. If I’m standing outside with the sun up and a little breeze, it’s only a matter of time before I start sweating. Going for a jog? I’ll be [...]

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Man Loses Over 50 Pounds Using A Virtual Reality Bicycle

A man in Cambridge, Massachusetts has lost over 50 pounds through the use of a virtual reality bicycle.

William Brierly is 36-years-old. He works on marketing and [...]

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This Man Actually Cycled The Entire Length Of The UK In VR

It’s January which means, in the UK, it’s freezing. Every day I wake up, take a look outside the window and say: “This is the day I will go for a [...]

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The ‘Vive Fitness Guy’ Is Launching His Own VR Content Studio

Earlier this week we reported the story of Tim Donahey. Donahey has become something of a minor celebrity in the virtual reality community after he posted the results of [...]

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Hands-On: Tetris Effect Is As Good As Everyone Says It Is
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Former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Departs Facebook
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Sony Patents New System For Local Multiplayer VR

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OTOY Partners With Light Field Lab On Holodeck Display Tech
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Samsung’s Odyssey+ Costs $500, Uses Anti-Screen Door Effect Display
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CCP Games: ‘We Expected VR To Be Two To Three Times As Big As It Was’

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HTC Reveals 6DOF Controllers For Its Vive Focus Standalone Headset
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Samsung Is Working on a VR-AR Hybrid Headset, Already Tested ‘Prototype’
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Vive Wireless Adapter Review: The Best VR Of 2018 Is Too Expensive

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Oculus CTO John Carmack Settles Legal Disputes With Bethesda Parent Zenimax
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