Rift/Vive Gap Widens In February Steam Hardware Survey
Oculus ‘Rift S’ Listed In Code With Onboard Cameras, Software IPD Adjustment
New PSVR Controllers May Include Trigger Resistance, Hand Detection
HTC Vive Headsets Lineup Explained: Should You Wait For Cosmos?
10 Best VR RPGs For Rift, Vive, PSVR, and Windows VR
Report: Facebook’s Upcoming AR Glasses Much Less Bulky Than Hololens Or Magic Leap
Beat Saber Made People Move So Fast Steam Needed Updating
HTC Vive Cosmos FCC Documents Confirm It’s Not A Wireless Headset
Vive Developers Flock To New Subreddit Amidst Moderator Fallout
Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 7, More Highlight Huge PSVR Sale
The Mage’s Tale PSVR Review: Still One Of VR’s Best RPGs Yet
VR Game Releases For January 2019
John Carmack’s Epic 2015 Letter To Oculus VR Leaders
HTC Vive Pro Eye Will Not Replace Original Vive Pro
The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 13/01/19
Oculus Go Update Adds Expanded Power Options, Audio In Screen Recordings, More
‘So…What Really Did Happen With Palmer [Luckey]’
Beat Saber Expert Plus PSVR Coming This Week ‘Probably’, Looks Insane
The 25 Best PSVR Games: Full List
A Fisherman’s Tale Review: A Perfect Storm Of VR Puzzling
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Oculus Home Adds Custom Environments Support
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Audica Is A VR Rhythm Music Shooter From Harmonix Coming In March
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Dance Along In AR With Childish Gambino On Pixel Phones

Google’s AR Playground now includes a set of characters showcasing Childish Gambino dance moves.

Pixel phone owners can use Playground and their phone’s [...]

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Google I/O 2019 Developer Conference Set For May

We’re coming up to developer conference season once again, and Google’s now dated I/O’s 2019 return.

The event will take place at the Shoreline [...]

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Google ‘Foveated Compression’ Patent Filing Published

Alphabet’s Google filed for a patent for a compression system specifically designed for frames produced by foveated rendering.

Foveated rendering is a process [...]

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Google’s Daydream 6DOF Controllers Now Shipping To Developers

The first unboxing video for Google’s 6DOF controllers hit the Web as the first wave of developer kits appear to be shipping out.

VR and AR developer Alex [...]

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Google’s 6DOF Controllers Shown With Trigger And Grip Buttons

New photos of Google’s developer kit for 6DOF controllers show the complete button design, including trigger and a “grip” button right next to it.

The controllers [...]

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Google Is Exploring VR Shoes With Tiny Motorized Wheels

Alphabet’s Google has filed a patent application for a new approach to VR walking shoes. The shoes described use tiny motorized wheels on the bottom to subtly [...]

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YouTube VR Is Finally Available on Oculus Go

Google’s YouTube has now made their app available on Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone headset. The app was previously available on Samsung Gear VR, which uses [...]

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Oculus Home Adds Custom Environments Support
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Audica Is A VR Rhythm Music Shooter From Harmonix Coming In March
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Bigscreen’s Huge 2019 Update Goes Live, Quest Support Confirmed

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Sony’s Shawn Layden: ‘We’re Seeing Progress Towards VR 2.0 Games’
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VR Game Releases For February 2019
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2019 Events Schedule: The Major VR/AR Conferences And Festivals

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PlayStation US Boss: PSVR’s Change In 10 Years ‘Will Be Dramatic’
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Intruders: Hide And Seek Review: Surprisingly Creepy Home Invasion
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Oculus To Reveal Zelda-Esque VR Game From Left 4 Dead Dev At GDC

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Facebook’s Head Of VR Product: ‘New Tech’ Soon For Rift, ‘Surprises’ At GDC
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