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Oculus Quest Review: Facebook’s Standalone Savior Mostly Keeps Its Promises
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The 30 Best Must-Download Oculus Go Games And Apps
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Oculus Rift S Cameras Could Support Finger Tracking In Future

Comments made by Oculus CTO John Carmack at Oculus Connect 5 and on Twitter suggest that the upcoming Oculus Rift S cameras could support finger tracking.

To be [...]

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GDC 2019: HTC To Showcase Vive Hand Tracking And Road Map At Developer Day

HTC’s Vive Ecosystem Conference is right around the corner but, before that, the company has big plans for GDC.

The company recently announced that it will [...]

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Hands-on With Leap Motion Hand-Tracking In Qualcomm’s Standalone Headset

Finally jumping the hurdle of VR input will eventually require a combination of many different technologies currently in their infancy. Hand-tracking looks likely to play a [...]

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Intel’s ‘Merged Reality’ Demo Brings Actual Hands Into VR on Oculus Rift

The bleachers at Intel’s CES sprawling booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center were packed to the gills with eager technophiles waiting to see something incredible [...]

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We Tried Leap Motion’s New Hand Tracking Module On Gear VR

Leap Motion is a young technology company that is perhaps best known at this point for what it sells at your local Best Buy. It’s a $79.99 virtual reality peripheral [...]

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Intel Buying Movidius Underscores High Stakes In Search For VR’s Holy Grail

The stakes are high, and a failure to invest in the right technology today could have dire consequences for the technology industry’s biggest players tomorrow. With [...]

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Gear VR Capable Of Hand Tracking Via USB-C And Leap Motion

One of the big new features of the Samsung Note 7 and its new Gear VR is USB-C — the new standard that’s not only easier to connect because the plug is [...]

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Oculus Quest Review: Facebook’s Standalone Savior Mostly Keeps Its Promises
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The 30 Best Must-Download Oculus Go Games And Apps
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Vader Immortal Oculus Quest Livestream: Lightsaber Combat In VR!

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Oculus Rift S And Valve Index Won’t Work On Laptops With Only HDMI
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Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 Review: The One You’ve Been Searching For
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Hands-On: Battlewake’s Arcade Action Is Full Of Epic Sea Battles

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How To Check If Your PC Is VR Ready
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Google Not Releasing Oculus Quest Competitor, Pixel 3a Doesn’t Support Daydream
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Facebook Shows Off High Quality Markerless Body Tracking From ‘A Single Sensor’

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Oculus Quest And Rift S Launch May 21, Pre-Orders Now Available
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