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Read Everything Mark Zuckerberg Said In ZeniMax v. Oculus Trial

We’ve gotten our hands on some of the transcripts in the ZeniMax vs. Oculus trial that concluded earlier this year, starting with Mark Zuckerberg’s time [...]

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Jury Still Deciding ZeniMax v. Oculus Case (UPDATE)

Update Jan. 31. Still no verdict. The jury returns for additional deliberations on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Update Jan. 30: The jury did not make a decision today in a [...]

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Mark Zuckerberg In ZeniMax Case: ‘Oculus Products Are Based On Oculus Technology’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took his turn being questioned in the case brought by ZeniMax against Oculus and its management.

ZeniMax is the former employer of [...]

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ZeniMax Intends to Prove ‘Theft of Trade Secrets’ and ‘Destruction of Evidence’ by Oculus

Former John Carmack employer ZeniMax released a statement outlining the case lawyers intend to make in court against Facebook, Oculus and its management.

We briefly [...]

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Field in View: Facebook’s VR Gamble Is All About Its Chips, Not Its Cards

Mark Zuckerberg is holding his cards close to his chest, a cigar in his mouth with a poker face that’s impossible to read.

Around him sit other, faceless tech [...]

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Zuckerberg: ‘One Million People Use VR Every Month’

At last year’s Oculus Connect developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out at the start of the keynote speech for a brief few words. This year? He had [...]

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Facebook Reveals Social VR Features At Oculus Connect 3

Mark Zuckerberg promised something new for today’s Oculus Connect 3 keynote and he didn’t disappoint; Facebook revealed new social features for the Oculus [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About VR At Gamescom 2017
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Editorial: Why You Might Want To Pause Before Buying HTC Vive
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The 9 Best Vive Games to Play Right Now

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HTC Vive Now $599, Gets A Permanent $200 Price Cut
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PlayStation R&D Listing Suggests Multi-Sensor PSVR Tracking In The Works
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Developer Plays Oculus And Steam Games With Valve’s Knuckles Controllers

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PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.0 Adds VR Streaming Notifications, Cinematic Mode Surround Sound
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Gran Turismo Sport Gets Its First Official PSVR Trailer
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Killing Floor: Incursion Review – Action-Packed Zombie Horror

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Windows VR Headset Comparison: HP vs Acer
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