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Microsoft Studios Developing Multiple Windows VR Games, Won’t Talk Xbox

Microsoft’s powerful 4K console, the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio) just released to the public this week. As the most powerful video game console [...]

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Steam Preview For Microsoft VR Headsets Arrives Nov. 15

Microsoft is planning to make a preview of its SteamVR integration available on Nov. 15.

The preview should make hundreds of VR apps available on Steam playable on [...]

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Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR To Jumpstart Social VR Efforts

Microsoft is jumpstarting its social VR effort by acquiring AltspaceVR and its remaining team.

Altspace was a pioneering social VR service available on all major VR [...]

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Samsung Odyssey’s OLED Display Stands Out Among Windows VR Headsets

Samsung’s VR headset for Windows 10 — the Odyssey — is equipped with OLED display panels.

We saw the headset leaked recently but now a page on [...]

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Google, Facebook and Microsoft Line Up For VR Standalone Push

Over the next two weeks we are expecting major announcements related to VR from Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

It couldn’t come at a better time for VR [...]

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For Once, Microsoft Got The Jump On Google and Apple with HoloLens — Will It Last?

Mixed reality (MR) is a new computing platform that‘s emerging from the current fields of augmented and virtual reality. MR blends the physical and the digital worlds into [...]

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Halo VR Is Coming From Microsoft And 343 Industries

Microsoft confirmed today it is working with 343 Industries to bring its epic Halo series to its Windows Mixed Reality platform.

The franchise is one of the biggest [...]

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Introducing Scraper, A Futuristic VR Shooter Reaching For New Heights
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Fable Studio Emerges From the Ashes Of Oculus Story Studio
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CES 2018 Hands-On: VRfree Gloves Feature Great Hand And Finger Tracking

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Eye-Tracking Is Both Incredibly Important And Very Risky
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Why I’m Very Excited For Google And Lenovo’s Mirage Solo
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Hands-on: Primordian Brings Savage Combat, Gorgeous Graphics To Rift/Vive This Week

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HTC: Vive Pro ‘Will Require A Better Machine’ To See Improved Visuals
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NextVR’s Resolution Upgrade Is A Game-Changer
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The Surrogate Is A Black Mirror-Style VR Experience

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CES 2018 Hands-On: Black Box VR Gave Me A Real Workout
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