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How To Transfer Your Hard Drive Data From a PS4 to a PS4 Pro

There are few things more frustrating than staring at loading screens and progress bars. In the modern age of gaming however, it’s an inevitability. Discs have to be [...]

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PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing: New Sony Console and New DualShock 4 Controller

Next week the PlayStation 4 Pro officially releases to the world. When Sony debuted the console at its PlayStation Meeting two months ago in New York, everyone already knew [...]

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These Are The PS VR Games That Will Support Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro

Next week Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will try its hand at something completely new in its 20+ year history by releasing an upgraded version of its PlayStation 4 [...]

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Sony Confirms More Powerful PlayStation 4, But It’s Not Coming to E3

For several months we’ve heard rumors of a more powerful and upgraded PS4 console, codenamed “Neo,” that was supposedly in development. We’ve [...]

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These are the Companies Enabling VR Content Creators

At the present time, creating content for virtual reality is akin to navigating turbulent waters in the darkness. Creatives need to be bold, brave and resilient pioneers to [...]

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Basking in the ‘Arizona Sunshine’

The zombie survival shooter “Arizona Sunshine” is currently being demoed behind closed doors this week at Gamescom, and we were lucky to be one of [...]

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Is it “The One”? Jaunt announces series of light field cameras for virtual reality, codenamed NEO

Jaunt just threw down the gauntlet in the VR camera game, and they didn’t even bother being shy with the name. Announced today, Codename NEO (as in “The [...]

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Sword Art Online’s New VR Game Is Not What We Wanted
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Hands-On: Astro Bot Is A Full PSVR Platformer Based On Playroom’s Robot Rescue
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Hands-On: Blood And Truth Is Starting To Feel A Bit Shallow

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Hands-On – Firewall: Zero Hour Is The Tactical VR Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For
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Here’s Google And LG’s New 1,443 PPI VR Display
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The Forest’s VR Support Is Now Live In Beta, Multiplayer Coming Soon

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Here’s Oculus’ Latest Varifocal Headset Prototype
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Sony: PSVR Is Still Selling, But Industry Growth Is Slower Than Expected
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Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation DLC Review – To Boldly Go In VR

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Report: Dreams Will Now Have PSVR Support On Day One
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