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Palmer Luckey Is Now A Moderator For The Oculus Subreddit

Today, it was announced on the Oculus subreddit forums that Rift creator Palmer Luckey is now one of the forum’s official moderators.

Luckey has had a very [...]

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Watch 27 Minutes Of Palmer Luckey Answering Questions At OC4

Though he departed Facebook earlier this year, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey still came to the Oculus Connect 4 developer conference wearing sandals and a shirt with the [...]

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Palmer Luckey To Speak About VR’s Future At The Tokyo Game Show

Vaqso, a company that recently raised over half a million dollars to help people smell things while in VR, announced today that at the company’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 [...]

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Oculus Rift Inventor Palmer Luckey Pledges $2K To ReVive Hack

Palmer Luckey just reportedly pledged $2,000 to CrossVR’s Patreon campaign which is used to fund the ongoing development of ReVive, a popular hack that allows Vive [...]

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Palmer Luckey’s New Startup Is A Military And Border Surveillance Company

It was just over two months ago now that Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey parted ways with Facebook. This week, we’ve finally found out what he’s doing [...]

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Lasting Questions Regarding Palmer Luckey’s Departure From Facebook

Last September in the run up to one of the most divisive elections in the history of the United States, an article by The Daily Beast tied Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey [...]

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This is How Fake News Happens: The Reporting of Palmer Luckey and Nimble America

As journalists — especially those, who publish multiple articles weekly — we’re often so focused on the now-now-now, that we rarely take a step back and reflect on stories [...]

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Hands-On: Payday 2’s Free VR DLC Is A Heist-Fueled Killing Spree
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GDC 2018: What To Expect From VR/AR At The Game Developers Conference
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How This Studio Sold Nearly 100,000 Copies Of Its VR Game At $20 Each

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Watch Budget Cuts’ First Gameplay Clip In Over Two Years
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Google’s New Light Field App Is A Tantalizing Look At VR’s Future
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Tobii Develops Eye-Tracking Standalone VR Headset With Qualcomm

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Eye Of The Temple Is A VR Game That Requires Room Scale Locomotion To Move Around
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Creed: Rise to Glory Is A VR Boxing Game From The Makers Of Sprint Vector
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HTC’s Vive X VR Accelerator Coming To Europe, Applications Open Soon

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Skyrim VR Reaches Steam’s Top 10 Sellers In Less Than 24 Hours
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