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Ace Combat 7 VR Review: Utterly Superb But Incredibly Bittersweet Aerial Combat
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Just 20% Of Rift Users Have A ‘Roomscale’ Setup

Earlier this year, Oculus added a ‘Hardware Report’ page to their developer website. Recently, they added a new section reporting how many tracking sensors Rift [...]

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Eye Of The Temple Is A VR Game That Requires Room Scale Locomotion To Move Around

One of the most memorable VR experiences I’ve ever had occurred two years ago at GDC 2016. I was playing Unseen Diplomacy, a VR spy game, that required me to [...]

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Roomscale VR is Great, But the Gamepad isn’t Going Anywhere

For many people, the end-all be-all of virtual reality is being able to get up and move around inside of a digital space with roomscale. With the HTC Vive, you set up [...]

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Oculus Warns Against Using More Than Three Sensors For Rift And Touch

Oculus appears to be listening to recent complaints about tracking stability for its Rift VR headset and Touch controllers, and is offering owners more help [...]

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Mobile Room-Scale VR ‘Fully Doable’ With Vive Tracker Says Dev

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Vive’s CES booth, there’s a war zone. It’s a hellish battlefield in which three brave brothers are making a last stand [...]

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HTC Announces Subscription Plan For Viveport

Details are sparse at this point but HTC announced a subscription plan for Vive content at CES today.

The company is not talking price, what content will be included [...]

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HTC Announces ‘Vive Studios’ to Publish “Deeper, Richer and Longer” Room-Scale VR Games

Today, HTC is announcing the launch of its newest subsidiary: Vive Studios. This brand new content publisher will work to facilitate and release new, high-quality content [...]

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VR Game Releases For January 2019
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Ace Combat 7 VR Review: Utterly Superb But Incredibly Bittersweet Aerial Combat
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VR Timewarp, Spacewarp, Reprojection, And Motion Smoothing Explained

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New Vive, Pimax Power Kits Ditch Power Adapters And Simplify Your Setup
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Sony Is Still Recruiting For An AAA PSVR Game From A New Studio
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Most GeForce RTX 2060 Cards Lack USB-C VirtualLink Port

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CES 2019: I Streamed PC VR Games To An Oculus Go With TPCast Air
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CES 2019 Roundup: New VR Headsets, Controllers, Graphics Cards, And More
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CES 2019: DisplayLink Showing Wireless Adapter Reference Design For Oculus Rift

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CES 2019: Contact CI Simulates Actual Touch With Motorized Tendons
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