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Wipeout, Star Trek, Resident Evil, More Discounted In PSVR EU Summer Sale

Sony Europe is holding its PS4 summer sale a little later than most this year, but there’s still some great deals on PSVR games that you won’t want to [...]

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PSVR’s Brilliant Wipeout VR Gets A Free Demo Today

Still haven’t sampled Wipeout Omega Collection’s brilliant PlayStation VR (PSVR) support? Well why the heck not? It’s one of the headsets best games and [...]

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Wipeout’s PSVR Support Was Made By Just Five People

Wipeout finally came to PSVR last week, and the results were pretty outstanding. Simply put, it’s one of if not the best PSVR games out there, offering exhilarating [...]

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Wipeout Omega Collection VR Review: PSVR’s Tour De Force

Wipeout has gotten so good at being, well, good that it’s almost not worth reviewing it. As if using one of its own Auto Pilot power-ups, the series has perfectly [...]

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Wipeout Omega Collection’s Free PSVR Update Is Out Now

When Sony XDev last week said that the free VR update for Wipeout Omega Collection was “so close you can smell it” they weren’t lying.

The update [...]

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Wipeout VR’s Release Is ‘So Close You Can Smell It’

It looks like PSVR players will get their hands on the highly-anticipated Wipeout VR update very, very soon.

Responding to one fan on Twitter, Sony’s XDev [...]

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WipeOut VR and Firewall Represent Sony’s Chance To Make VR Happen In 2018

Now that 2017 is officially in the books is easy to get reflective about what the best games were and what the biggest stories were from the year, but it’s also [...]

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How To Download And Install New Custom Songs On Beat Saber (Update)
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VR Game Releases For August 2018
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Firewall: Zero Hour – Everything You Need To Know About The PSVR-Exclusive Shooter (Update)

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Hands-On: Mario Kart VR Is Entirely Worth The Wait
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Why You Won’t See Our Firewall: Zero Hour Review At Launch
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Firewall: Zero Hour – Final Hands-On Preview With The Release Build

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PSVR Passes Three Million Headsets Sold Worldwide
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Over 500,000 People Have Now Tried Resident Evil 7 In PSVR
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Spatial Brings AR Gaming To The Tabletop With A Magic Window

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Hands-On: VRGineers XTAL Is A 5K, 170-Degree FOV Headset With Hand-Tracking
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