Ten of the scariest 360º videos for your Halloween party

by Upload • October 31st, 2015

With Halloween creeping up there’s already a handful of quality 360° horror videos out. Catatonic just became available on Vrse’s iOS & Android app. Five Nights at Freddy’s blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and more in the best 360° videos that are sure to give you a preview of what’s possible with this medium.

Also, what Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller performed by a group of zombies?

Five Nights at Freddy’s Challenge

In mobile gaming, one of the premier Halloween themed IPs is Five Nights at Freddy’s. Now on it’s 4th iteration, this title places you in different environments as you struggle to make it through the night while defending yourself from crazed animatronics. In this 360° video, the animatronics have settled into a real home. Can you survive the night? BlackBoxTV is a YouTube channel known for bringing out Horror and Sci-Fi Short Films, and if this is their first attempt at the genre, what comes next should be absolutely terrifying.



Matthew Turndrup took an in depth look in September at production company VRSE’s first dive into 360° horror. This stereoscopic voyage through an insane asylum previously only available to Gear VR owners is now on Google Cardboard via the VRSE iOS and Android app. While there’s no news yet on an Oculus Share release, those resourceful enough are sure to find a way to get the video working on their Rift. In Catatonic while seated on a wheelchair, you are brought through each room to witness all the horrific atrocities.

Behind You

Behind You, by Polish production house Epic VR is as close as you will get to experiencing what it’s like to be chained to a chair as a maniac with a chainsaw attempts to dismember you. This video is extremely frightening and not your usual light Halloween thrill. While there is nothing graphic shown, the gory implications of the scene could disturb some.

Lock Your Doors

Jeremy Sciarappa now has his channel featured on video service Vrideo. “Lock Your Doors” touches on the universal fear of having an invader in your home. A young girl forgets to lock her door, which isn’t the best of ideas as she is soon to come face to face with a masked killer.

Eat You Alive

YouTube Space is a facility in LA available only to those on YouTube with a certain popularity level, set up with equipment to facilitate the creation of videos. In Eat You Alive, zombies are invading a house and survivors attempt to thwart them off.

Zombie Thriller Dance

Who says zombies can’t have fun too? PipocaVFX, known for their Star Wars Droid 360° video, gets things right again with a full on zombie performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


DimensionGateInc has brought quite a few popular horror videos to YouTube already, but the first two in their 360° Horror Series didn’t really provide the scares that Dismember does. Join a group of friends as they try to summon Joanne, a girl that had been dismembered and whose ghost has been haunting an abandoned warehouse. Your point of view switches various times to the different 360° cameras that have been set up throughout the facility. Can you spot Joanne?

Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk by Teknomedia takes you through a house in Löfstad, Sweden that burned to the ground in 1750 while a young girl was trapped inside. You now tour the house that is haunted by the ghost of this girl. All I can say is it provides an unsettling feeling as you tour the haunted mansion.

Pepsi Ghost

Anyone who has seen countless Japanese horror films like Ring, Audition, or The Grudge knows that Japan has quite the unique style with their horror experiences. Get a taste of what’s to come with this 360° walk through a haunted house by Suntory, a Japanese beverage company. That wraps it up for this year’s best scary 360° videos.


Special thanks to VR Pill for contributing this article. VR Pill is a dedicated member of the VR community, running VRPill.com, a site that specializes in 360º videos. If it was shot with a spherical camera, VRPill has probably seen it. Follow VRPill on Twitter

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