The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 01/06/19

by Jamie Feltham • January 11th, 2019

Welcome to the first round-up of new releases for the year (don’t judge me, there wasn’t anything released last week).

To be fair it’s not that big of a list this week, either. CES has been going on and some developers have got to tackle the January blues before we move onto bigger and better things. There are a handful of releases to look out for, though.

Still stuck in 2018? Our last list of releases can be found here. More of a futurist? Here’s our roundup of the biggest VR games coming this month.

Megalith, from Disruptive Games
Price: $29.99 (PSVR)

An Overwatch-like hero shooter in which you pick a ‘Titan’ and take to the battlefield. You have a team base to defend and an enemy base to destroy. Megalith is vibrant and inventive, though it remains to be seen if it will build up the kind of community needed to sustain itself.

Spuds Unearthed, from Gamedust
Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive)

Well here’s something we can truly say we haven’t seen before. Spuds Unearthed has you creating and customizing an army of sentient potatoes which you’ll then pit against enemies in all-out war. It looks like that’s an exhaustive amount of customization options here, which could be the real joy of the game. This is an Early Access release for now.

Dede Korkut Chronicles, from Bond Digital
Price: $3.99 (Go)

This caught our eye. It’s a relatively polished-looking fantasy action game that pits you against werewolves and other nasties. If you’re a Go gamer than keep an eye out for it.

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