The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week Of 11/04/18

by Jamie Feltham • November 9th, 2018

Oh my. It’s a very good week to be a VR owner. Whether you like puzzles, horror, story, creativity or more, there’s something that’s got you covered this week.

Or, if you’re playing catch-up, you can find last week’s releases right here. Want to know what else is on the way this month? We’ve got November’s upcoming releases ready and waiting too.

Tetris Effect, from Enhance Games
Price: $39.99 (PSVR)

Yes, we know, it’s just Tetris in VR. But Tetris Effect brings the visual splendor of Enhance Game’s Rez Infinite to a timeless classic, in the process creating a surprisingly seductive take on it. New twists are there to satisfy hardcore fans, and different themes for each of the levels give you something amazing to discover around every corner.

Deracine, from From Software
Price: $29.99 (PSVR)

Dark Souls developer From Software’s PSVR debut has proved to be a divisive one this week, but we loved it. You play as a faerie that befriends the children of a boarding school, playing games with them and generally causing mischief. It’s weird, ham-fisted and somewhat archaic, but there is magic to Deracine’s mysticism.

Transpose, from Secret Location
Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive, Windows, PSVR)

The developers of Blasters of the Universe and The Great C return with an entirely different experience. Transpose is a brilliant puzzle game in which you create echoes of yourself to strategically solve challenges together. It’s a great twist and it makes for one of VR’s better brain teasers.

Syren, from Hammerhead VR
Price: $19.99 (now on PSVR)

A humble horror experience that released on PC VR last year finally makes its way to PSVR. Syren is undoubtedly an indie experience, but its short story in which you trek through an underwater facility trying to avoid detection from mechanical monstrosities has some highlights that are definitely worth seeing.

Tin Hearts, from Rogue Sun
Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive)

Described as VR’s very own Lemmings, Tin Hearts has you clearing and creating paths for toy soldiers that march around the rooms of a house. You have to use your wits to find objects that will help them clear gaps and safely navigate other perils. It’s in Early Access right now with more levels on the way.

Nothing to be Written, from BBC
Price: Free (Go)

A fantastic VR experience to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the end of WW1 this week. It shines a spotlight on the field postcard, an automated means for troops to send quick messages home when out in the trenches, producing some memorable and harrowing visuals in the process. If you have a Go check this out.

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