The Mage’s Tale is a Breathtaking New Oculus Touch Dungeon Crawler RPG from inXile Entertainment

by David Jagneaux • February 24th, 2017

The world of roleplaying games (RPGs) is dominated by a few select developers near the top of the pile. Studios like Bioware, Bethesda, and Square Enix obviously come to mind as historical pioneers and juggernauts of massive, sprawling, roleplaying adventure titles, but all of those studios have embraced the modern era of RPG development.

inXile Entertainment on the other hand, along with Obsidian Entertainment and Larian Studios, are keeping old-school RPGs alive.


Less than a week ahead of the release of Torment: Tides of Numenera,  the much-awaited Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to the legendary Planescape: Torment, inXile have announced a brand new game, this time designed specifically for virtual reality (VR). Even more specifically, designed just for the Oculus Rift with Touch.

Simply titled The Mage’s Tale, it’s an immersive, first-person dungeon crawler RPG that takes place in the same universe as The Bard’s Tale. Stylistically, it brings back Ultima, Wizardry, Might & Magic, and Elder Scrolls 1 & 2 vibes. We can only hope for something with that same level of quality and creativity. At least visually, we can clearly tell that it’s aiming to keep that breathtaking and beautiful style intact.


“When I was a kid our dungeons consisted of playing Dungeons and Dragons on graph paper. From there I graduated to playing classic computer games in black and white like Wizardry, which inspired me to create a full color dungeon crawl with Bard’s Tale. The window for the players kept getting bigger, the graphics more advanced, and now with The Mage’s Tale, we are inside the dungeon,” said Brian Fargo, dungeon crawler expert and CEO of inXile Entertainment in a prepared statement.

In The Mage’s Tale, players become conjurors in a quest to rescue your master from the evil Gaufroi. There are 11 dungeons ranging from tombs to sewers, scattered with dangerous enemies and tricky puzzles. You’ll be equipped with fireball spells, ice javelins, and more, all cast using the Oculus Touch motion controllers.

We don’t have an exact release date or price yet, but The Mage’s Tale is expected to launch this year in 2017 for the Oculus Rift with Touch. UploadVR will be going hands-on with the game at GDC next week.

What has you most interested in this new game? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Darrell Markie


  • Xron

    Would be awesome to play a game like this in multiplayer, so we could clear dungeons with friends, and it could grow bit by bit, so we could experience even more each month.
    The one thing I would like to see are decent physics, when it means something if you atk from below or from side, or some thrust. Not just go random windhitting and see that target is killed.

  • Texmex

    Better be compatible with Vive. Exclusives are lame.

    • Bundy

      Agreed. And I’m an oculus owner. Just don’t like seeing it happen in the PC space. Bad memories of Glide games.

    • Unspoken

      So looking forward for this GDC event:

      “Refocusing on VR Innovation: Can Standards Simplify Cross-Platform Virtual Reality Development? (Presented by The Khronos Group)”

      Cass Everitt | Software Engineer, Oculus
      Joe Ludwig | Programmer, Valve
      Nick Whiting | Technical Director, Epic Games
      Devin Reimer | CTO, Owlchemy Labs
      Yuval Boger | CEO, Sensics, Inc.
      Alon Or-bach | Senior Standardisation Engineer, Samsung Electronics
      Kaye Mason | Sr. Software Engineer, Google
      Location: Room 3022, West Hall
      Date: Tuesday, February 28
      Time: 11:20am – 12:20pm

      • Mane Vr

        U know this doesn’t end exclusive it just will make cross-platform games easier to make and there is nothing wrong with platform exclusives. Stop bitching to oculus and start asking value or htc to open the vive up to the oculus sdk. Why should oculus open their platform to other sdk they already did right by their customers by allowing their hmd to work with other sdk now it’s value or htc turn to do the same

        • Unspoken

          You know, I know. I’m just looking forward for representatives of industry giants talking about how they think they can co-operate in the future. If you re-read my post, it didn’t make any claims about anything one way or another. Only 7 words were not copy-pasted.
          I agree with your bitching comment, except I’m not bitching. Store front exclusives are just fine, and not least if the store owner has paid for the game development. Let’s see how many of Valve’s new VR games find their way to other stores than Steam. Valve has tons of store exclusives, even in this PC world where everything should be open for some reason, and somehow that’s ok. And there is even games that can be played with the Vive, but doesn’t work on my Rift. That sounds like hardware exclusivity for me.

          Oculus is not blocking Vive users from their home. They just want compatible hardware to run its SDK natively. Valve could allow the Vive to do so, and already actively uses Oculus software to run SteamVR games on the Rift. There’s no reason Valve couldn’t allow Oculus software on the Vive as well, so owners of that hardware could buy Oculus Games the way Rift owners already use OpenVR’s compatibility with Oculus software to buy Steam games.

          • Mane Vr

            sorry to throw u in with some of those guys crying over exclusives but I agree with you on all your points it should be a great read with all the info that should come out of the talk. I hope for a lot of cross platform vr games hopefully with cross play for all the hmd

    • Walextheone

      I don’t like exclusives at all either. But Isn’t revive the solution for every game / app?

    • Bartholomew

      LOL Valve fanboys are jealous of the content on the Oculus platform.
      Maybe you should ask to your dear and lovely Valve to found some real game?

      • Royce Edgar

        Like HL3 🙁

      • Seth Forbus

        Without Valve, us rift owners would only have a handful of games to play. I buy most of my oculus rift + touch games on steam, not on the oculus client.

    • Kita

      I strongly disagree. I’m not in favor of any vr company, but without exclusive then we wouldn’t have amazing games like Mario, Uncharted or basically any highly acclaimed game that’s focused on really getting the most of the platform it’s on.

      • Religion is Cancer

        This is the PC not a console. We don’t put up with content locking and exclusives.

    • Seth Forbus

      It seems like everything ends up being a “timed” exclusive. I have no trouble playing Vive games on my rift with touch for the most part, and I have noticed that there are hacks out there to play Oculus exclusives on vive at the very least. That being said, absolutely agree, exclusives suck.

  • Mike

    Holy Sh#! those graphics! How long is it?

    • Kyle Rybski

      That’s a bit of a personal question, sir.

  • Mane Vr

    why is it that these previews rarely talk locomotion.. I want to get excited but it hard when I have no clue on the locomotion option.. you guys here at upload vr know there are people who won’t buy teleport only vr games let you rarely ask the devs about the options this isn’t doing your job as a journalist you guys sound like cheerleads and I feel like you guys limit the info about these games to build excitement I hopes those of us who hate teleporting will buy the game without knowing these fact. it’s a disservice to your readers.. locomotion should be talked about in ALL previews and review your job is to tell us about the game in all the detail you have on it if you don’t know the locomotion say so but as soon as you do your readers should be informed too. that is your job as a journalist.. stop halfassing your job

    • MarkZ

      Take a breath

  • Mike

    is this Exclusive?

  • towblerone

    I’ll never support Facebook/Oculus. Only way I’ll get this is if it’s compatible with Vive or that LGVR HMD.

    • Zalamnov Zipnitiopshov

      its too bad the vive controllers suck. i said the same thing, but the oculus controllers looked superior…. that and the oculus is like half the price

  • Ted Joseph

    There is only so many times my buddy and I can finish Arizona Sunshine in co op before we get bored. The VR field is a gold mine of opportunities if a developer can create an MMORPG with dungeon and dragons or super heroes (Imagine playing Iron man in VR!) type scenarios.

  • Ted Joseph

    We are playing raw data now (co op buddies) and its pretty cool. It is more of a “wave” shooter though. Need MMORPG! 🙂

  • Lenny Lacey

    It would be so awesome for a game like WOW to be in VR

  • Oliver Cook

    So has anyone else been stuck inside the door? I am stuck in a door and cant move or do anything or teleport or do anything. massive bug! happens in the second chapter! All I can do is teleport back to the hub world.