by Matt Schlicht • April 23rd, 2015
The secret to doing anything, anywhere, at any time.
I know something about you. You might not tell people often, or at all, but I know something about you. You can’t fool me.
“No way Matt! You know nothing about me! I’m just some random person who accidentally clicked this link! You know nothing.”

Oh really? Watch this. I know for an absolute fact that at some point in time you’ve dreamt of flying, ruling the world, teleporting, and, if you’re like me, you’ve spent way too much of your life thinking about how awesome it would be to find out you’re actually a wizard.

“Oh. Genius Matt, how’d you guess that one… Of course I want to fly amongst the clouds and cast incredible spells. But guess what! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

Oh yeah? I beg to differ. Up until now dreams and reality have remained separate. You go to sleep, have a fantastic dream, wake up, and promptly forget it. It’s fleeting. You have no control.

Well guess what. This is all changing.

Virtual reality is making it possible for you to live out your dreams while you are awake.

In the not so distant future, you will be able to experience anything, anywhere, at any time, from every perspective, via virtual reality.

Literally anything you can imagine will be possible. Even being a wizard.

Don’t believe me? I spoke to the virtual reality experts on ZapChain to find out the most incredible experiences they have ever had in virtual reality.

Mind blowing experiences people have already had in virtual reality.

These are all real life experiences that people from ZapChain have had. These trailblazers are on the forefront of the virtual reality industry.

1. Playing God.

When you have a dream, you are not able to control your surroundings. Maybe it’s a good dream, maybe it’s a bad dream. Generally, unless you have mastered the rare art of lucid dreaming, the dreams come and go without your conscious input.

With virtual reality it is possible to create any experience possible, and then live it as if it were real. Want to be an ant in an ant farm? Done. Want to see what it’s like to be a white blood cell fighting a disease in the blood stream? Easy.

Virtual reality has become so advanced that when you are inside it, you actually feel like you are there. If you know how to code, you have the power to be god.

“As a VR storyteller and designer, the coolest thing is building a world from the inside out. As soon as I have an idea, I roughly block it in and then jump inside that idea in VR.”

Mike Murdock
Virtual Reality Director

2. Feeling like you are actually inside of the virtual world.

It’s incredibly easy to jump to the conclusion, especially if you have never tried it, that there is no way modern virtual reality feels anything close to real. When I watch a movie it doesn’t seem real, if I go to a 3D movie in IMAX it doesn’t feel real, there’s no way this is any different.

You are totally wrong. I know it sounds crazy, but the quality of virtual reality is actually mind blowing. When you try it for the first time you are pretty much guaranteed to start saying “Wow” and “Oh my god, this is insane”.

Every day the virtual reality experience improves. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into virtual reality companies.

The most recent development is the ability to not only look around in the virtual reality experience, but actually use your hands to interact with the world around you.

“There was this moment when I tried Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator, I was standing by the fridge and grabbing an egg (yes, grabbing — that in and of itself is pretty great) when I had the urge (and slight encouragement) to try to toss the egg into the pot on the other side of the room. I did and missed the first time, just a little far. But on the second try I was able to adjust the force of my throw — just as I would in reality — and was able to throw the egg into the pot, it was pretty amazing how accurate it was. It was probably the most in touch I have felt with the virtual world.”

Will Mason
Editor in Chief and Co-founder at UploadVR

3. Safely confront your fears.

Everyone is scared of something. The problem with this is that it can become incredibly difficult to confront your fears. Why would you knowingly put yourself into a situation that are deathly afraid of?

Virtual reality changes this. With virtual reality you can experience a virtual representation of your fears within the safety of your own home. Or in your therapists office. Or on the beach. Wherever.

There are virtual reality experiences that help you confront the fear of flying on an airplane, heights, speaking in front of a crowd, and even spiders.

“Watching a huge virtual spider walk towards my face while building Fearless, and realizing I wasn’t scared of spiders anymore. I had cured my fear…”

Tim Suzman
Founder of Fearless

4. See something spectacular for the first time.

Not only can virtual reality teleport your to a magical world, or make you god, but it can improve you.

Imagine not being able to see something as simple as 3D, and then going into virtual reality an experiencing it for the first time. James Baha, the founder of

“I saw in 3D for the first time in my life in VR!
It was right after I got my DK1 in the mail and had started testing some ideas. One of my ideas worked, and at certain point while I was messing with the settings, my left eye just kind of switched on, and I started perceiving this big, spinning cube in front of me in 3D.
I hadn’t seen anything like that before. As the edge of the cube spun past my face, I had to back up in my seat. It was the first time I had a strong sense of something coming out at me. I suddenly had a sense of the empty space between things when before I never had.
At first, it was only in VR, and it was getting better as I continued to work on the project. I kept working on it, making games that used the technique that worked for me, and I ended up getting 3D in real life too after several weeks.
That moment where I saw it for the first time was one of the most amazing, surprising moments of my life, and it happened in VR!”


James Baha
CEO and Co-Founder of Vivid Vision


Virtual reality is here to stay, and it’s going to completely change the world.

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