The Tallest Midgets – Our Evening with Reverend Kyle

by Will Mason • December 4th, 2014

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday I was sitting at my desk finishing up the last little bits of work for the day when the Rev VR podcast interrupted my dreams of golden baked turkey. I had been listening to the podcast earlier that day but had put it on pause when I had left my desk to do something else. However, an errant slip of the finger later and I was slightly startled by the sudden intrusion into the silence of my workspace. I had already been planning to contact the Reverend because I believed his mission really aligned with our own, so I took it as a sign that that was the moment to do so.

I reached out to him in an email and to my surprise received a rather prompt response saying that he would love to chat with us and learn about what we are doing. After a brief exchange, we set something up for after the holiday to discuss what we are all about at UPLOAD.

Fast forward to the meeting. Taylor, Nick and myself all get on to Skype (a process that I am glad we started early) and dialed the Reverend in. I had figured this would be a quick 15 minute or so get to know you sort of call, but it quickly turned into a lengthier discussion as it became obvious that our values really did align as evangelists. After about ten minutes of chat and jokes, the Reverend hit us with 10 words we weren’t expecting to hear,

“So, do you guys want to do the podcast now?”

Taylor, Nick and I all looked at each other; well, more accurately, Taylor and Nick looked at each other and I looked at them looking at each other on my screen. The importance of the moment wasn’t lost on us, this was our moment to share our vision with the community and we knew we had to take it. After about 10 seconds silent nodding, I looked at Rev and said,

“Hell yeah, lets do this,”

The confidence in my voice was only slightly underpinned by the nerves that had set in as I prepared myself mentally to speak candidly in front of an audience of thousands. As Reverend prepared the software to record the skype call, I took a moment to close my eyes and breathe. As I opened them, the butterflies settled (but not completely subsided), and Rev began to speak,

“Ok guys, we’re ready,”

‘And… here… we…. go’ the Joker’s words from the Dark Knight flashed through my mind in an instant and I cracked a half smile. ‘Now or never,’ I thought.

“We’re live in 3… 2… 1…”

See what happened next on the podcast:



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