‘The Unspoken’ To Receive New Spells, Modes, and More Throughout 2017

by Charles Singletary • December 19th, 2016

Within virtual worlds, the Oculus Touch allows players to use their hands in a more realistic manner than a gamepad allows you to manipulate their environment and different tools or weapons. The hands of a mage are some of the most powerful weapons across many different works of fiction and The Unspoken by Insomniac Games puts you into that role as you learn the ways of spellcasting.

With their upcoming Arcane updates, Insomniac will be adding more magic to your arsenal throughout 2017 as announced on their website.

The Unspoken is a multiplayer driven action game where you choose your class, equip different artifacts, and brawl. The Arcane updates will be adding new artifacts, new classes, new modes, and even the option to change your mage’s cloaks. There are few details on the new additions all across the board, but we do know the new classes come with new gesture and primal spells to go along with a shift in play styles for each and the new artifacts are guaranteed to change the balance of battle in big ways. A few concept images for new cloaks are available on the post page and more info for all of these things including the new modes of play will likely be revealed as we get closer to their launch.

We reviewed The Unspoken here at UploadVR and the “addicting urban magic fight club” received one of our highest scores with a 9 out of 10. While it produces no true single player experience outside of a practice mode, we loved how effective it was as a showcase for the impressive Oculus Touch controllers, which we consider to be the best VR controllers available.

If you don’t own the game already, it can be purchased on the Oculus store for $29.99. If you do, you have a wealth of content for one of the best games on Oculus flowing in throughout next year.

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