The Vive’s Consumer Edition Is On Display At MWC

by Joe Durbin • February 23rd, 2016

HTC is a dominant presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The company made major waves by revealing the $799 price point for its upcoming Vive VR headset and now HTC is keeping the momentum going by showing off both the capabilities and the (slightly) new look of the consumer Vive to the crowds at MWC 2016.


The consumer Vive is very similar cosmetically to the most recent Pre devkits HTC has been sending out. The first of the few slight differences between the two is that the HTC logos that were on the Pre’s hand controllers have been replaced by VIVE symbols on the consumer version’s.

The headband is essentially the same but now features a guiding slot through which the cables necessary to attach the Vive and your PC can be threaded. The Pre graphic has also obviously been removed from the front of the consumer version’s headset. 

Internally, the consumer Vive boasts all the function and features of the Pre but with the added bonus of Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to pair the device with your smartphone and stay connected in VR.

The Vive’s preorders will open on February 29 at 10 a.m. EST and the system will begin to ship in early April.

Featured image credit: HTC Vive via Twitter.

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