This Amazing Sonic the Hedgehog AR App Uses A Tattoo As A Controller

by Jamie Feltham • November 26th, 2018

Get ready for the best thing you’ll see in AR this week and maybe even this year.

Developer Olo Sabandija recently took to Twitter to share this absolutely amazing AR rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog. The app projects the blue bombshell and his iconic Green Hill Zone environment into the real world as if they were there to be reached out and played with.

But that’s not even the coolest bit. That tattoo of the NES controller on Sabandija’s arm? That actually acts as the controller in the game. You can see him imitating pressing one of the buttons on his arm, which in turn causes Sonic to jump. Holy heck.

Sabandija revealed that he’d built this in Unity and that, in reality, Sonic can only jump in this demo. Obviously it’d be a little hard to play a full platformer with just one hand but, still, it’s quite a thing to look at. The developer had originally planned to do something with id Software classic, Doom, but settled on Sonic.

In fact, we’re so impressed we won’t even mention that slightly teeth-grinding fact that this is a NES controller being used to play a classic Sega game. Whoops.

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