Thumper Brings Its Harrowing Sense Of Speed To Oculus Go This Week

by Ian Hamilton • September 4th, 2018

The full version of fast-paced rhythm game Thumper is coming to Oculus Go this week for around $10.

We reviewed Thumper all the way back in October 2016 for PlayStation VR, rating it 9/10 “Amazing” as it delivers a “harrowing sense of speed.”

Thumper has since come to most other platforms, including Switch and iOS. With the game finally coming to Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone VR headset on Sept. 6, though, most Go owners are going to want to take note of what could end up being one of the best games available on that platform. It might be too intense for some, but for those than can stomach it Thumper should look incredible with Oculus Go.

We’ll plan to go hands-on with it on Oculus Go as soon as it is available.

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