‘Rhythm Violence’ Classic Thumper Is Coming To Oculus Quest

by Jamie Feltham • April 17th, 2019

Another VR favorite is on its way to Oculus Quest soon. Thumper from Drool will be launching on the platform this year.

Thumper is described as a ‘rhythm violence’ game, which is a pretty apt summary. In the game you play as space beetle (yes really) and speed down a course. You need to time button presses with the background music whilst also steering your companion to safety as you work your way up to boss¬†fights.

Mechanically it’s a treat, but what really makes Thumper thrive is its brutalist atmosphere. The game’s twist and turns are mapped to its masochistic soundtrack, which weaves a sense of dread inside you. As the speed increases and the action mounts it’s tough not to start sweating. There isn’t another VR experience quite like it.

In fact Thumper is one of the rare games we’ve awarded a 9/10. “It is at first immediately familiar as an entry in the now classic rhythm game genre, but enhances virtually every aspect of the experience through brightly pulsing visuals, intense music, and nothing short of violent, visceral rhythm-based gameplay,” we wrote. “While you can play Thumper entirely outside of VR, the experience truly shines and envelops you the most once you place a VR headset on your face. This one is not to be missed.”

This is far from Thumper’s first brush with VR. The game was a launch title for Sony’s PSVR back in 2016 and has since come to PC-based headsets too. Last year it even got a port to the Oculus Go headset, which must’ve made this Quest port a bit more straightforward.

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