‘Tilt Brush’ Gets Weird With Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Tie-In

by Jamie Feltham • October 31st, 2016

We’ve seen some really amazing stuff out of Google’s Tilt Brush app since its launch on the HTC Vive earlier this year, but its latest showcase in partnership with Marvel Studios is more than a little strange.

The artistic VR app teamed up with creative agency Denizen and the blockbuster giant to promote its latest comic book adaptation for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie, which hits US theaters this Friday after a strong debut overseas, travels the globe with action in New York, London, and Hong Kong as Strange uses mystic arts to create some fantastic visual effects. As such, Marvel and Tilt Brush┬áreached out to three artists in each city to create VR art inspired by the movie.

You can watch a preview of all three below, with 360 degree videos of each environment further down.

Artists include Danny Bittman, Stuart Campbell, and Steve Teeple. They’ve made scenes that looks just like some of the movie’s weirdest sequences, in which buildings fold in on themselves and bizarre new dimensions bleed into our one. If you’ve got a Google Cardboard or similar headset make sure to check out the 360 videos using the YouTube app. It’s not quite the same as visiting these places inside the Vive, but it’s as close as you’ll get.

Doctor Strange probably won’t be the only Marvel movie to take advantage of VR in the years to come. Earlier in the year, Joe and Anthoy Russo, the directors of this year’s Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies confirmed they’d like to use the technology in some way to tie into their new films. Personally, we’d love to see a Spider-Man VR experience, though we’ve always got Windlands to tide us over.

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