Tinker Pilot Is A Customizable Spaceship Sim Built From The Ground Up For VR

by David Heaney • May 14th, 2019

Tinker Pilot is a recently announced space sim built from the ground up for virtual reality. It’s being built by four developers in Barcelona.

The core interaction system of Tinker Pilot is called TinkerCore. It supports a wide range of input devices as well as immersive peripherals such as motion rigs and USB fans. TinkerCore will eventually become a Unity package for other developers to use too in the future.

TinkerCore allows you to customize the position of your physical input hardware such as flight sticks so that the virtual stick is in the exact same position as the real stick. Players can even import their own models of custom hardware such as switches and button panels.

The system has full support for the Leap Motion finger tracking addon. The floating virtual UI supports direct finger input. When you start using your flight stick your hand will fade out, and when you let go of it your hand will reappear so you can interact with the UI.

Tinker Pilot

As with all great space sims, Tinker Pilot has a realistic physics simulation for thrusters, sensors, stabilizers, and other flight control systems. Beginners can enable automatic control systems while advanced users can disable these systems for finer control.

Tinker Pilot is one of the most promising VR space sims yet. While other sims focus on scale and graphics, these developers are solving the hard practical problems of using varying input devices while essentially blindfolded. As with many genres, when a game is built for the ground up in VR the result is almost always better than a port.

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