Tiny Tank Is An Action-Packed 360 Video From SoKrispyMedia

by Jamie Feltham • July 10th, 2018

There’s still a lot to figure out about 360 video, which means filmmakers tend to stick to slower-paced experiences. Tiny Tank is no such experience.

This new VR short, launched today by SoKrispyMedia in partnership with Madison Wells Media, is the first in a new series titled SoKrispy Daydreams. It’s an action-packed piece that envisions near-perfect online VR gaming that might come with the occasional kick to the real-world face. Though quite funny, the piece is pretty impressive from a special effects standpoint; virtual helicopters and UI HUDs complement real-world explosions and firefights.

The piece is directed by Sam Wickert and was shot on the Yi Halo camera to deliver HD, 3D visuals.

It’s a YouTube video so you can watch it pretty easily across a range of VR headsets, including smartphone-based devices via the YouTube app on iOS and Android, web browser on Gear VR and the PS4 app for PSVR owners. Or you can just enjoy it as a browser-based video, too.

Look for two other entries in the SoKrispy Daydreams series, The Videogame Vehicle and Do Not Touch, to launch later this month.

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