Today You Can Get Your Hands On The ModboxSDK

by Charles Singletary • March 2nd, 2017

The sandbox experience in gaming is flourishing within the VR ecosystem. It’s one thing to be able to pick up a traditional controller and fiddle around freely in a game space, but it’s another entirely to be able to immerse yourself in a virtual world and manipulate the things around you. ModBox is one such virtual experience, a game where you’re encouraged to use mods created by the community and create your own. Now, developers Alientrap are giving people the tools to take their creativity to the next level by releasing the Modbox software development kit to any owners of the game.

Modbox allows you to create experiences of varying levels of simplicity and complexity. You can craft a collection of carnival-like mini games or really dive into the tools and let others play through an adventure of your own design. Allowing access to the SDK gives users a heightened level of customization and control over the experience by becoming fully moddable, something that has been the goals of the developers from the beginning. The trailer above introduces users to the ModboxSDK and even shows a quick tutorial on how to do a shotgun mod and change details on it from firing spread to different ways to grab it.

The ModboxSDK is available today and you can already find a deep guide on how to use the kit on the game’s website. From merely getting started to script saving and AI systems, the Alientrap crew is giving you all the tools and information to get the most out of their game. For Unity developers, Alientrap wants to get the ModboxSDK into your hands as well so you can see just how intuitive the program is. Via this form, Unity devs can link to proof of their work and supply an email to possibly receive a free steam key for Modbox. If you aren’t a dev, Modbox is available on Steam for $11.99.

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