CES 2018: TPCast Announces Updated Plus Models, Mixed Reality Reference Design

by Jamie Feltham • January 8th, 2018

Bad news if you picked up a TPCast wireless VR adapter in the past few weeks: an improved edition is already on the way.

Today at CES 2018 TPCast announced a new family of products named TPCast Plus. These devices improve on both the HTC Vive and recently-released Oculus Rift add-ons, including a sleeker hardware design, wearable head plate and a 4-in-1 battery charger that will allow you to keep playing wireless VR for longer.

Perhaps most importantly, TPCast Plus products place the router previously needed for your PC and headset to talk to each other with a USB dongle that will install all you need to get set up and ready to play. Aside from that, the adapter still allows for up to 2K resolution to be displayed in each eye at 90 fps, though it now includes automatic restart, wireless interference reduction, and automatic wireless channel detection to improve stability.

TPCast Plus devices are going to be rolling out in the first half of the year.

But that’s not all; TPCast has also confirmed that wireless adapters for Microsoft’s Windows-based ‘Mixed Reality’ headsets are on the way too. Instead of making these adapters itself, however, the company is this time creating a reference design that others will be able to base their own solutions off of using TPCast’s technology. This will be licensed to headset manufacturers themselves, so expect some to be announced later on down the line.

You can be sure this won’t be the last we hear of wireless VR at CES this year.

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  • drd7of14

    I hope it’s compatible with The Deluxe Audio Strap. Was looking into getting the currently available model, so it’s nice to see their are significant improvements with a direct USB dongle this time around. Definitely be keeping an eye on this “Plus” model and the comparison videos. Hope we get an official release date sooner than later.

  • JesperL

    Are you fcking kidding me lol… So they rip us for a overpriced buggy version, and then release a new upgraded right after.
    At least with games, when you beta test, you can still play the game at release. This is a beta test, with the option to re-buy the same shit all over again.

    • Crunchy005

      The price of early adoption.

      • JesperL

        So true, and I kind of expected it – just not so soon.

        • koenshaku

          If you were following the last CES show Intel is supposed to have a better solution Q1 this year. We all knew what we were in for when we added that item to our carts lol. I enjoy the freedom, I hope they accessorize the new add-ons though so their is some level of compatibility. Most of this sounds like firmware updates outside of the USB Dongle to replace the router.

        • Crunchy005

          Ya, I’m glad I held off. I’m waiting to see what gen 2 does for VR and for a competitor for wireless VR to release before I make my decision on that. Until then I still love my Vive. Also the Void VR experience is amazing if you have the opportunity you should check it out.

  • mellott124

    And will it drive the new HTV Vive pro? Spent a couple hours trying to get my current TPCast to connect last night. Has worked for weeks and now can’t get anything to connect. Hope they’ve smooth this stuff out.

    • bobzdar

      Vive pro is less than 2k at 1440×1200 per eye, so it should.

      • koenshaku

        Where did you find the specs for it?

      • dk

        1440×1600 and they will be announcing a wireless solution from intel according to the leak…..but yeah tpcast might be able to do it we’ll have to wait and see

        • koenshaku

          1440×1600 makes more sense, since that would be 40px higher than competing products that are available. Why they would release a new product lower doesn’t make much sense.

    • koenshaku

      Are you using the open Tpcast hack? If so that could be the problem. They say it can stream up to 2k per eye I think the new HTC vive will not exceed that, but at the same time it does have trouble streaming my current vive and sometimes it even drops the audio for a couple mins from extended play sessions. This could be wifi channel issue or just my setup I followed all of the instructions though.

  • Alex Gonz√°lez

    Did they mention anything about tpcast business edition, for up to 4 glasses in the same space?