TPCast’s Vive Upgrade Kit US Pre-Orders Now Online

by Jamie Feltham • September 5th, 2017

Late last week we reported that TPCast’s wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive was now available to pre-order in Europe. From this week, you can pre-order it in the US, too.

The Microsoft store has now listed the device for $299, set for release on September 25th. That’s a good bit cheaper than the €349 EU price tag. In fact, $299 works out to about €251, so the US is getting a good deal pre-VAT.

The pre-order contains everything you’ll need to start using your Vive wirelessly, bar the actual headset and a PC to run it.

We’ll of course be looking to deliver final TPCast impressions to you in the coming weeks. In previous hands-on we’ve found the system to work quite well save for issues with voice chat and potentially blocking off headphone usage. Keep in mind that more wireless VR accessories are likely to ship in 2018 — ones we tested at E3 solved the headphones problem, for example.

What's your reaction?
  • koenshaku

    They could at least have the decency to fix their product before releasing it.. That $300 price point I have to say is tempting though.. lol

    • dk

      well the only thing to fix is the price ….it works pretty great according to people trying it out….there r some minor things that can be improved ….but it’s pretty great

      • koenshaku

        Yeah I preordered it… It comes with the 6 hour battery and i was expecting it
        to be $500 so i just grabbed it..

        • NooYawker

          Add a desktop mic and scream really loud when you play MP 😀 People usually yell a lot in MP anyway.

          • koenshaku

            Yeah there is that, I figure I figure a Bluetooth headset will do the trick though. ^__^

          • Icebeat

            So now you need to buy a bluetooth headset? and what happens with the deluxe audio strap? it seems to me that all the Vive story is a put more money if you want to fix the problem because we are freaking stupid to release a finished product or you are to stupid to buy an unfinished product.

          • koenshaku

            You can find Bluetooth headphones with mic for about $10 I have a few pairs laying around. I think everyone does at this point. The headphones on the deluxe audio headset are very adjustable and easily moved out of the way. I would think tpcast will correct the issue down the line at some point. If not we all know new tech will have bugs early adopters know their sacrifice, but they get to show off their new gear too =)

  • Justos

    300$ for wireless is a hell no from me.

  • Alorwin

    Anyone in the UK want one? If you pay, I can ship it over to you. Or use a Reshipping company.

  • evo_9

    $300 for wireless is a hell yes from me.

    Say’s it ships on Sept.25th after you do the pre-order.

  • drd7of14

    The headphones are price point are my biggest gripe…While to be honest I expected this to be higher, the problems that exist in its design would only warrant me a purchase at $200. I’ll probs just wait for future competitors to figure it out and/or help bring the price down of the TPCAST.

  • NooYawker

    It’s expensive but it’s good to have the option of adding this.

  • Drowbonian101

    I’ll be all over this! Current setup is obnoxious. Bigger the space, the worse the cord problem is.

  • Evol Love

    The Microsoft store has taken it down, was about to purchase too…. Guess I didn’t really need brain cancer anyway.

    • Polo

      Tried to go preorder but the page is down. Did anyone get to preorder?

      • Caven

        I was able to put in a pre-order on Sunday, so it was working at one point.

        • Polo

          The MS store rep told me the preorder page was put up prematurely, sounds like I shouldn’t put much stock in that answer (SMH) if people were actually able to preorder successfully.

          • koenshaku

            Yeah I preordered it

          • Caven

            It wouldn’t be the first time they did that. They jumped the gun on preorders for the Deluxe Audio Strap as well. Though I have to wonder about this sort of thing “accidentally” happening twice in a row. They did honor pre-orders that were put in before the Deluxe Audio Strap page was pulled down, so I assume they’ll do the same thing time, as well.

    • koenshaku

      Doesn’t matter you can always be healthy in VR

  • SandmaN

    Looks like the MS Store link is dead…..odd.

  • Jesse Haston

    This is old news….I pre-ordered from microsoft over a week ago, and just now uploadvr is discovering this lol

  • JesperL

    What happend to the Microsoft Store version?