TPCast’s Wireless Multi-User VR Kit Launches In Europe

by Jamie Feltham • April 17th, 2018

TPCast’s latest wireless VR offering is now available in Europe.

The company this week announced that the TPCast Business Edition Wireless VR Adapter for the HTC Vive is now available to buy directly from the company in the region. The Business Edition, which hit the US last month, can take up to four Vive headsets wireless. Each Vive is fitted with an adapter that’s very similar if not identical to the one seen in the consumer edition, but they’re all controlled under one router. That means four VR users can be in the same space without worrying about tripping over each other’s cables.

We haven’t tried the solution for ourselves, but TPCast says each headset will still support the Vive’s 2K resolution with less than 2 milliseconds of latency.

Other partners will start selling the Business Edition from Q2 2018 and support for additional headsets will arrive in Q3, though TPCast has not yet said which other devices will get support. There is a consumer edition for the Oculus Rift available right now, so it’s possible multi-user support extends to that headset too.

Later this year HTC is launching an official wireless VR solution for the Vive, though it’s very much aimed at single-headset use. TPCast’s multi-user support could help the company stay relevant, especially in spaces like arcades.

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