Doctor Who, Bonfire And More VR Movies Debut At Tribeca 2019

by Jamie Feltham • March 8th, 2019

Tribeca Film Festival 2019 is coming up and the show is packing a host of VR premieres.

The Immersive lineup for this year’s show was revealed this week. It contains more than 30 experiences, many of which will be shown for the first time at the festival.

Highlights include the recently-announced Doctor Who: The Runaway. It’s a short VR adventure that will allow viewers to step inside the TARDIS for the first time. Current Doctor Jodie Whittaker lends her voice to the piece too.

We’ll also see the debut of Bonfire, the latest from Baobab Studios. Announced earlier this week, the experience sees viewers crash land on an alien planet and start to build relationships with its inhabitants. War Remains, meanwhile, will immerse viewers in the Western Front of World War 1. Podcasting legend Dan Carlin narrates an experience that promises to be both visceral and educational.

We’ve also seen a few of these pieces first-hand. We got an early look at VR City’s Common Grounds a few weeks ago, for example. It’s a striking piece following the demise of a housing estate in central London. There’s also another look at the Wolves in the Walls series we first saw last year.

But there’s plenty more to see that’s entirely new. Into the Light, the latest piece from Jessica Brillhart, promises more immersive musical heights. 2nd Civil War, meanwhile, puts you on the front lines of a fictitious conflict. It’s a voice-activated piece that has you interrogating an insurgency.

There’s a little AR in there too; Stealing Ur Feelings uses facial recognition AI to gauge your reactions to its content.

Quite an eclectic line-up, then. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how Tribeca pushes VR storytelling forward this year.

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