‘Twisted Metal’ Developer Eat Sleep Play Joins CastAR To Make AR Games

Augmented reality glasses group CastAR is looking to build up its profile ahead of launch next year, and today it’s got another big hire to share.

The company announced that Eat Sleep Play, the developer of 2012’s Twisted Metal reboot on PlayStation 3, joined its new office in Salt Lake City, where the team was already based. The studio was opened by Disney Infinity developers Avalanche Software back in September. There the team will work on new content for the device, which consists of a see-through pair of lenses that project virtual images onto a sheet-like material called “retro-reflective”.

CastAR hasn’t revealed how much the studio has acquired for, but we’ve reached out to the company for clarification and will update this story if we hear back.

Eat Sleep Play itself was formed almost a decade ago, and was comprised of members of Incognito Entertainment, the studio behind PlayStation 2-era Twisted Metal games and Warhawk. Both studios are best known through David Jaffe, the creator of Sony’s God of War series who left Eat Sleep Play back in 2012 as the studio shifted to mobile development. This year the studio released two iOS and Android titles in, Ice Age Arctic Blast and Cars Vs. Bosses.

Last month, we also reported that CastAR had bulked up its executive team, bringing on Peter Dille, Former Senior Vice President of Marketing and PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment (now Sony Interactive Entertainment); Mel M. Heydari, Lead Recruiter for Technical Operations at Google; and Arnie Sen Senior Director of Hardware at Activision. Earlier still, the company hired former LucasArts President Darrell Rodriguez as CEO and Steve Parkis as President and COO. All of these moves have been made after the company raised $15 million back in 2015.

With all the news surrounding the headset lately, you can expect a big push for it when it goes on sale next year. We don’t have an exact release date or price for the kit yet.