The United Airlines Incident Has Inspired a VR Game Where You Eject Passengers

by Joe Durbin • April 13th, 2017

This is not a joke. I know it’s not a joke because right there on the Indiegogo page for a new VR game called Voluntary Disembarkment there’s a category titled “Is this a joke?”

The Answer is “No.”

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Voluntary Disembarkement is the first Indiegogo project from a Tampa based VR studio called Beat Boxer LLC. The game is an obvious response to this week’s United Airlines incident in which a paying customer was violently dragged off an overbooked flight. The encounter has sparked severe outrage across the globe and led to severe drop offs in the United stock price.

Voluntary Disembarkment is early enough in development that it currently does not have a trailer or any real screenshots. But just check this description out, it should give you a terrific idea of what to expect:

Do you want more rights as a consumer? Have you ever wanted to abuse your authority but your morals got in the way? If you answered yes to both question, then Voluntary Disembarkment is for you!

Voluntary Disembarkment is a virtual reality game where you & your security team must stand united as you voluntarily eject overbooked passengers you randomly select to comply. Search the plane for volunteering passengers, knock them unconscious, and escort them off the plane… as per company policy.

voluntary disembarkment

It gets better. Take a gander at the “Gameplay” section:

This game is important because it can be a great training tool for future flight attendants.  Not every flight attendant has formal training in martial arts, and without martial arts skills the world’s flight attendants are ill prepared for their jobs in the current airline industry.  Voluntary Disembarkment can be the perfect training tool.

Game Features:

  • Find “volunteer” passengers hiding in their seats. Bonus points for passengers with lower ticket prices.

  • Knock out the volunteer with your fists, luggage from over head bins, or even the coffee pot.

  • Everything item on the plane is interactable.  That includes the snack cart, luggage, passengers, the cockpit, you name it.

  • Drag the volunteer through the aisle and toss them out the exit doors.  The farther the throw the more points you get.  Make sure you find and toss their luggage as well.

  • Start on a small bi-plane and work your way up to Commercial Airlines.

  • Passengers annoyance level increase as the game goes on, causing them to start demanding rights.  Remind them of their “rights” with a swift punch to the jaw and collect bonus points.

  • Collect rewards form the CEO for abusing your power.

  • Final Boss: Voluntarily disembark the CEO from his private jet.

Beat Box is seeking $30,000 from backers who can help the company “train the flight attendants and airport security of tomorrow in proper disermbarkment techniques.”

Because, after all, “you cannot stop airlines from beating you, so why not invest in ensuring they do it properly: violently and without mercy.”

Voluntary Disembarkment does not currently have a release date.

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