Unity Reveals MARS Tool For More Robust AR Apps

by Ian Hamilton • June 19th, 2018

At Unity’s Berlin event the company revealed the Mixed And Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) for creating more robust software that interacts with the real-world environment in a believable way.

Most augmented reality apps in 2018 (and earlier) have a limited understanding of the real world. This understanding is so limiting to software design — and user experience — that companies like Magic Leap and Microsoft use the term “Mixed Reality” to try and differentiate their efforts from earlier ones. Magic Leap, for example, uses a suite of sensors on its upcoming Magic Leap One headset to develop a detailed understanding of the environment around the player. This new set of tools from Unity is built for precisely that type of device.

MARS is slated to arrive this fall. Check out the MARS section about 41 minutes into this video:

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