Updated “World War Toons” Trailer Showcases New Gameplay Mechanics and More

by Will Mason • June 16th, 2015

We have been following the progress of World War Toons a first person shooter built for the ground up since before it was even barely a pre-alpha. Built by a team of ex-Call of Duty developers, World War Toons is the classic fast paced COD gameplay mixed with a whimsical ‘Disneyfied’ approach that is the result of the fantastic art direction by Nik Ranieri – who, in fact, previously worked at Disney.

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The new trailer shows off some of the core mechanics that make World War Toons the game it is – from zany powerups like a radioactive waste bucket that makes you toxic to enemies and move super quickly to the awesome player-tank mechanic. There were a number of things that we saw for the first time in this trailer – including new power ups like a giant ridable TNT rocket and a baby grand piano that drops out of the sky squashing an unwitting enemy. Also new were glimpses at some new maps including the epic looking zeppelin map (seen in the featured image) as well as what appeared to be some new lighting effects that seem to add a greater sense of depth to the cartoonified style.


We will be at E3 getting a hands on with the updated World War Toons game – so stay tuned for our thoughts there.

Until then, check out the new trailer!



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