UploadVR gets the ‘French Connection’ with EnterTheRift

by Will Mason • September 8th, 2015

Over the past year we have been dedicated to bringing you the best in virtual reality news, but we want to make it even better. Until this point, outside of a few stories here and there, our coverage has been restricted to one language – English. This is a problem because our international readers have had to utilize hit or miss tools like Google translate and as I’m sure any of you regular readers could guess oftentimes the colloquialisms I tend to use don’t always translate quite 1:1.

Today we take our first step towards rectifying that problem, as I am proud to announce our partnership with the French language VR site, EnterTheRift.

EnterTheRift was started, like UploadVR, out of pure passion for the industry and a desire to see it grow. This partnership will continue that mission by bringing an international flavor to both sites, with us working to share coverage, bring a fresh angle to stories, and expand our audiences beyond our respective country’s borders.

This partnership is the first of many changes you can expect to see from UploadVR in the coming weeks and months. We have been working hard on something that we are really, really excited to be able to share with you. It is something that we have built with the VR community in mind from minute one. Something that, we hope, will make the lives of everyone in the industry easier, and help contribute even further to the wondrously unique collaborative atmosphere this industry seems to birth. We can’t wait to tell you more, so stay tuned for TechCrunch Disrupt!

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