V of War Is A Battle Royale Game With VR Mechs Vs Soldiers

by Jamie Feltham • April 20th, 2018

Well it was only a matter of time before someone tried to shoehorn the emergent battle royale genre into VR, but V of War does at least have an interesting concept behind it.

In this upcoming multiplayer game, a team of 40 soldiers is pitted against 10 mechs. While infantry gameplay looks strikingly similar to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the mech gameplay supports VR. That’s a pretty interesting twist; mechs are a great way to make VR combat immersive, sitting players in a cockpit they can control sitting down. It often feels far more natural than a standard first-person shooter (FPS) does.

V of War could be a pretty natural mix of VR and standard display cross-play, then.¬†All that said it’s hard to argue that the gameplay footage above looks a little ropey, and we have no way of knowing when V of War will be arriving and what headsets it will support. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on if you want your Fortnite fix in VR.

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