Valve announces new VR dev kit, to debut at GDC

by Will Mason • February 23rd, 2015

Valve is no stranger to the VR field. Their internal prototype was the first VR HMD that Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe did not experience motion sickness in. Today the company announced that it was going to be showing off a VR HMD to the public for the first time, a new dev kit called SteamVR.

The announcement said that Valve “is actively seeking VR content creators,” so they are looking to get this HMD in the hands of developers as soon as possible. There is no word on any details as to what the specs of the development kit are, or as to what the extent of Valve’s investment in VR is. But sufficed to say, they have been working internally in the field for quite some time, so what they have is likely something that will be very interesting.

We will be on the scene at GDC to give you more info as it becomes available.

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