Valve Content Showcase Jan. 28 In Advance Of Vive Launch

by Ian Hamilton • January 14th, 2016

A Steam VR Developer Showcase will be held Jan. 28 in Seattle and will feature more than 10 new experiences.

The event is part of the lead up to the Feb. 29 pre-order for the HTC Vive headset, followed by shipping in April. Launch lineups for both Rift and Vive are still largely unknown, though a number of titles are expected. The showcase is likely to reveal room-scale games developed over the last year for Steam VR. We went hands-on with the new Vive Pre developer kit at CES. We were impressed by its improvements in ergonomics and functionality but the outward-facing camera needed to be put into the hands of developers to demonstrate new possibilities in VR.

While new pre-orders for Rift now ship in June, we still don’t know the price of Vive. It will likely cost more than the $600 price of the Oculus headset.

IGN is hosting a contest with Valve to give away 20 tickets to the event.

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