Valve’s Knuckles Controller Prototype Found In SteamVR Home

by Charles Singletary • June 20th, 2017

Innovation around VR controllers is an ever-evolving conversation and Valve revealed prototypes for a new style of input in October of last year and, in a hands-on report with the prototype, people reported an intuitive way of input that focused on manipulating a virtual world and virtual objects without pressing buttons. Valve has continued working on the Knuckles prototype and, contained within an update for SteamVR Home, there appears to be a look at a virtual model for Knuckles in its current form.

Knuckles is expected to recognize finger positions and allows users to realistically grab, grip, and release virtual objects without dropping the controller. The new model simply looks like a more polished and well-designed version of the rough mock-up shown before. There looks to be a Steam home button but, otherwise, it looks to employ the same intuitive design that promotes immersion in VR rather than breaking it with button input.

For comparison, feel free to read our Oculus Touch review and learn why we think it’s the best VR controller on the market. Also, take a look at how the Oculus Touch was modified to make them similar to Valve’s early Knuckles prototype.

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  • Sean Lumly

    Looking good! PCVR in 2018 will be quite exciting indeed!

    • John Collins


    • Robert Cole

      Hell yeah 😎 something coming down the pipes from Valve, no doubt. It will probably blow all our minds when it drops…

  • I’m curious to see how they will be able to track all the fingers. I mean, if it will be a complete tracking of fingers position and orientation (a la Leap Motion), or if it will just understand some open/closed state of fingers.

    • Nicholas

      Pretty sure it’s just going to be the same as the Oculus finger “tracking” i.e. finger off, on, or pressing a button.

  • Onyx Blue

    will drop alongside the three AAAs Valve is working on – they will be integrates Nitendo style 👍👍

    • J.C.

      I have no doubt the controllers will show up around the time they drop their first game. Whether or not they come out as part of a complete Vive 2.0 bundle or not will probably depend on how ready HTC is when Valve finishes their first game.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    Awesome. I’d bet the Vive II comes out next April. Everyone is going to have to do as much innovating as they can to keep up with Magic Leap!

    • TDUBS

      I doubt next april. No way their releasing another product a mere 10 months from now. Christmas 2018 at the earliest. A 2019 release is the most likely.

  • dan bryant

    With this and the new head strap the Vive is slowly becoming an oculus rift
    (You know the one that everyone says isn’t as good as the Vive) 😉

  • Khalil Vennie

    Now make the Vive cheaper.