Vertebrae Releases New SDK for Advertisers

by Upload • May 12th, 2017

Monetization is high on the list of priorities for VR. While tech companies and brands have started investing more in content creation, making money from that content remains an uphill battle.

But that monetization issue may now be on its way to being addressed. Vertebrae, which emerged from stealth in September 2016 with its $10 million Series A funding, has released a new SDK allowing developers to quickly unlock VR advertising opportunities.

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The drag-and-drop SDK will allow developers to layer ads directly on top of a VR environment in a non-disruptive manner. This allows for more innovative ad placements to enter VR experiences as brands are natively inserted into the landscape. Veterbrae’s new SDK creates opportunities for more immersive advertising engagement with consumers, and thus, more potential for financial windfall on the part of developers (and the brands they work with).

As part of the new SDK rollout, Vertebrae will be working with developers to unlock numerous monetization options around the new ad placements. The company will work directly with publishers to create smart placement within Vertebrae’s VR ad network, and formalize a payout structure for developers and publishers based on impressions.

Among the ad formats now available with Vertebrae are in-VR 3D object product placement, gaze-based interactive 3D, and 360 pre-roll and interstitials. Vertebrae is also currently working with the IAB to define standards for the new advertising formats through which the entire VR/AR advertising industry takes shape.

The company’s tech was previously in private beta, but developers can now sign up for access to the SDK here.

This is a guest post not produced by the UploadVR staff. No compensation was exchanged for the creation of this content. Cortney Harding is an analyst at TVREV through which she has a working relationship with Vertebrae.

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