Virtually Live Hires Media Expert Markus Tellenbach As New CEO

by Charles Singletary • June 1st, 2017

In the early stages of any industry, building a company and carving out a space as it grows is crucial. Virtually Live has done just that, positioning itself as a premier home for live event virtual reality. They’re turning live sporting events into interactive VR experiences and now Virtually Live has named Markus Tellenbach as their CEO.

Tellenbach brings 20 years of media experience with him and has been instrumental in launching television stations across Europe including Eurosport, VOX, Veronica, and more. He’s managed radio and internet services and, as CEO for Poland’s leading broadcaster TVN, lead them to a 50% TV ad market share.

“We’re excited to have Markus Tellenbach joining the Tectus Group and becoming CEO of Virtually Live Group, having known and worked with him over the past 10 years, I have full confidence that his deep media know-how will benefit Virtually Live’s rapid expansion in the VR universe,” says Virtually Live Executive Chairman Bruno Valsangiacomo. “His global expertise as a media operator will accelerate Virtually Live’s growth into the leading live-VR provider of fully immersive live experiences in unparalleled quality.”

Though VR’s relation to broadcasting is untraveled waters, ushering in someone with such experience as Tellenbach puts Virtually Live in a great position to continue their growth and better tap their beneficial position in this early stage of the VR industry.

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