Vive Focus To Ship Globally In 2018

by Ian Hamilton • March 21st, 2018

HTC plans to start selling the Vive Focus standalone VR system globally “later this year.”

The headset already sells in China for around $635, including local taxes, and offers full freedom of movement for your head paired with a controller that works kind of like a laser pointer. Vive Focus runs apps from HTC’s Viveport store rather than Google’s Play, which runs on the $400 Lenovo Mirage Solo. Both headsets offer the freedom to move around a room, but Facebook’s Oculus Go will work well in a seated position for only $200.

HTC is also releasing the Vive Pro in April for $800 as an upgrade for anyone who uses the original HTC Vive.

It will be interesting to see how the Vive Focus does selling outside China as more headsets enter the market, including developer kits for more capable VR systems like Oculus Santa Cruz.

What's your reaction?
  • Justos

    Who the heck is willing to pay this much for an incomplete product? Having half of the equation positionally tracked is just a tease.

  • Please stop equating 6DOF with room scale and “moving around the room”. You need 6DOF for even a half-decent seated experience. 3DOF is only really useful for viewing 360 video and photos. The Oculus Go is a stop-gap – nothing more.

  • elyse

    So are both the headset AND controllers 6DoF, or only the headset?

    • Only the headset. Like Mirage.

  • Kenji Fujimori

    No more Garbage Chinese VR

  • Like that other POS the Mirage, the Focus itself my be 6DOF, but the controller is 3DOF.