GDC 2018: Vive Pro Headset Upgrade Is $800, Ships April 5

by Ian Hamilton • March 19th, 2018

If Déjà vu is a glitch in the simulation, Vive owners should get ready to experience a bug in the system. Two years ago, many of them spent $800 for an HTC Vive providing a full roomscale VR experience with hand controls.

Now those owners can spend another $800 to upgrade the system to a Vive Pro. It is $800 for the Vive Pro HMD only, which will work with existing controllers and base stations.

The original Vive started shipping in April 2016 packaged with controllers and base stations to track the headset’s movement throughout a room. The full Vive package is now priced at $500 — bringing it closer to Facebook’s Oculus Rift at $400. Purchasing the Vive Pro headset before June 3 will bundle in a six-month subscription to Viveport.

Pre-orders for Vive Pro start today on and

“With the Vive Pro we are delivering the best quality display and visual experience to the most discerning VR enthusiasts. Our goal has always been to offer the most premium VR platform available and to drive adoption for VR,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM U.S, VIVE, in a prepared statement.

The Vive Pro’s marquee feature is the significant increase in resolution, bringing it in line with Samsung’s Odyssey headset with a combined 2880 x 1600 resolution. Both the original Vive and Rift feature 2160×1200 total resolution. The Vive Pro also includes integrated headphones (which have been included with Rift since it launched) as well as improvements to overall comfort.

HTC is carefully positioning this device as being geared toward high-end demanding users, but I will be curious to hear how our readers and the nearly 100,000 people who subscribe to r/Vive react to the pricing of this upgrade.

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What's your reaction?
  • GarynTX

    $800. NOPE

  • phead


  • Yan Briot

    Launch 1.5 Vive at 800dollars is completly crazy and unbelievable… And i am an early adopter (got DK1/DK2/CV1/Vive/LenovoExplorer…
    Thks HTC for killing yourself.
    Waiting for LG Headset now.

    • Crunchy005

      Yep, won’t be upgrading to the new HTC headset…

    • mellott124

      I agree. I’ve owned a lot of HMDs and this one is tough. Total system price is got to be around $1000 or more then. Yikes.

    • koenshaku

      There is no way to justify forking over $800 again when the Samsung Odyssey is mocking the device with the same lenses at half the price.. Well unless you have very deep pockets anyway.

      • TimothyStone

        Not only that, but you don’t have to use those stupid laser boxes either. Exactly why would I put holes in my walls and restrict myself to one room?

        Talk about going backwards.

        The future is wireless out of the box with inside out tracking. No need to go back.

    • Dllemm

      I don’t think anyone is comparing a Vive Pro and Lenovo Explorer? I believe this is meant for high end ($$) market. Day 1 for me.

  • Jerry Gerace

    Us first adopters are the reason that vr is accepted, and this is how we are treated, maybe its time to sell, another 800 is bs

    • Dllemm

      You’re not “treated” anything, that is the price.

  • dk

    so they want to sell the out the old stock ….and than the full pro setup better be 600-700

  • bschuler

    Not bad for a commercial product aimed at professionals and arcades. Priced just high enough to scare off the average home user, but low enough to keep the VR arcades and companies firmly in Vive’s camp. Well done.

    • dk

      meh also it’s not a problem for people with smth like 40k annual income or something like that

      • Crunchy005

        “also it’s not a problem for people with smth like 40k annual income or something like that.” – Not sure where you live, but in Southern California 40k doesn’t get you far.

        • Justin Davis

          Yeah, I live near DC and made 40k in 2003 in my early 20s. I still won’t pay $800 for the Pro.

          • Crunchy005

            Yeah, $800 for just the HMD is completely ridiculous.

        • dk

          well if u r not paying off a house and a few cars and obviously u have to want the brand new thing right away ….and if u pay it off over 3-4 moths obviously u won’t even feel it
          ……me I’m from a broke ass country ….I’m just saying they r betting on the people with the deep pockets that can rationalise it….and at the same time most likely they want to move the old units at 500

          • Crunchy005

            Yeah, what’s really sad is you can buy the HTC Vive Pro ($800) and the HTC Vive ($500) for $1300. Your other option for the Vive Pro if you don’t already have a vive is get the Vive Pro HMD plus all the hardware required to use it for about $1330. It’s cheaper to buy both the current vive and the pro to get a working pro setup than to buy all the other parts separate form the pro HMD. There seems to be a pricing issue here whether you might feel it or not.

        • CHRIS

          Yeah, barely 120000 here

    • drd7of14

      $800+Lighthouses+Controllers+Powerful PC. Yeah, definitely “low enough”. lol

      This product is going to tank hard at that price. It’s worse than the PS3 $500/$600 or XB1 $500 launch price. They’re crazy.

      • Dllemm

        Buy the $500 kit and sell the headset for $200 makes it $1100. Vive 1 was $800, but the price of tech (like in cell phones) has gone up with this generation.

    • Ombra Alberto


  • Justin Davis

    I said this to HTC on Twitter, and I’ll say it here. I gladly pre-ordered the original Vive, but I refuse to pay $800 for this HMD alone. It would have to have wireless built in.

  • wrapter


  • Crunchy005


  • Christian Lemke

    Ok, I consider myself an early adopter and was 90% sure to buy the Pro version. Now with 849€ for the HMD only it`s not enough value for the money. HTC relies on HW sales but with this price they will also loose most early adopters willing to pay extra cash. If this would be the 4K device we all dream of, but it`s just an intermediate step. Hey LG, please step in for Steam VR, need a new solution with proper tracking. 🙂

    • Crunchy005

      Yeah,hopefully the LG one is reasonable. Also if they sold this at $800 with all the other hardware it might be more reasonable. I could probably at least get a chunk of that cost form selling my current vive system and have a entire brand new one, but this is just the HMD? WTF HTC…

  • falconblade

    Pre-ordered. Can’t wait. The price was a little higher then expected but I am an adult. Not many adult hobbies are cheap and never have been. This is only $400 of 20 years ago and $200 of 40 years ago. Can’t even get a new 1070 for this price in the days of crypto. I would have preferred to see a move that promotes higher adoption but HTC is my preferred headset so… all in I guess.

    • FireAndTheVoid

      I’m right there with you. The price is super disappointing, but I’ve been waiting for this upgrade for several months. I expect you and I will be in the minority on this one.

      • ale bro

        I’ve pulled the trigger on the pre-order. going to keep the samsung odyssey even though it’s seriously uncomfortable, but I do need to find a buyer for my original vive + tpcast. i’ve got a spare set of lighthouses that should make it easier to flip, but no controllers.

        • daveinpublic

          It looks like an awesome headset, wish I had them money to get one.

    • Sandy Wich

      Please don’t preorder and support a company taking advantage of you’re addiction. You’re being used and laughed at SO HARD. Being an adult doesn’t mean anything. 800 dollars for just the headset is a god damn slap to your faces.

      Vote with your dollar. They’ll drop the price to 500 bucks in 2 weeks if ppl like you didn’t preorder scams.

      • falconblade

        800 is nothing to me and it wouldn’t matter to me if they were free next week. I would have liked to see a move that promotes higher adoption but they did drop the price of vive orig by $100 which is a good. It’s not the move I’d have made if I were in charge at HTC. But, It could have been 2400 and I still would have bought it. I’m happy to donate. And people like you should be happy that people like me exist. So laugh at yourself for thinking that you can vote with my dollars. Moron. Too much money for you, don’t buy it? Your money your call. If I want to throw my money at a moving car so be it.

        • Justin Davis

          What about $5000? What’s your limit?

      • Dllemm

        This is next gen tech at next gen prices and I’m GLAD they took the chance. Hell iPhone X costs more.

        • TimothyStone

          Why pay more to get less? Don’t be a dummy.

        • Justin Davis

          Phones do a lot more than an HMD does. Alone, an HMD can’t do anything.

    • JeffG

      Lol did you say this was an “adult hobby”?

      • TimothyStone

        No, it’s just stupidity and a waste of money. I suppose they really don’t want people to buy their product.

  • Filmgeek47

    Yeah, this pricing is totally nuts. I’ve been looking forward to pre-ordering since the announcement, but at that price they can go to hell.

  • mirak

    No fucking way xD

  • koenshaku

    Well this certainly was unexpected heh. I thought on the high side just for the HMD would have been around $600 I guess their target audience this time around is businesses and professions. I wonder if LG has canned their steamVR HMD.

  • Nosfar

    Most of us will react with disintrest. A blue paint swap a odyssey screen and a duluxe strap dont add up to 800 odyssey does it for 499 lol At that pricing most of us will wait for other options. Nit lets be honest it will probaly sell like hotcakes lol

    • FireAndTheVoid

      I’m sure you are aware, but it is more than just a paint swap. By my calculations, the Vive Pro has 77% more pixels and significantly reduced SDE. Mind you, that neither of these really justify an $800 price point when Samsung’s Odyssey uses the exact same display and sells for just $500, controllers included.

      • Nosfar

        Which is exactly why i mentioned the odessy in my statement as well lol as its a vive with a blue paint job and deluxe strap and a odyssey screen. Litterally mentioned the odessy and price of it in my comment so yes i am aware.

        • koenshaku

          It will probably sell like hotcakes it is has become the IPhone of VR HMDs lol. At least for how small the VR segment is anyway 80% of previous owners will probably upgrade. I will be waiting for a bit though to see what else happens in Q3 when the wireless is out and everything.

          • antonio mora

            ” the IPhone of VR” You nailed it.

        • FireAndTheVoid

          Somehow I overlooked that.

          • Nosfar

            Lol figured . No biggie

  • Torben Bojer Christensen

    Not happy about the price – feel like I’m being used. But I’ll get it anyway. What is the alternative really?

    • Renzo V

      Samsung Odyssey…

  • Andrew Hally

    I was already bracing myself to spend £500 on the vive pro (and I struggled to justify that to myself) but £800 is just ridiculous for the HMD only, leaving me with a HMD I can’t resell because it does not come with base stations etc.

  • Ron

    Cash grab, but not my cash

  • Shizuma

    Wow, I can see the $ $ in HTC’s eyes right now, they have to be kidding, even the Pro headset with the new lighthouses and controllers would be a tough sell at that price, just the headset alone though, that’s some serious money grubbing. I don’t know how they can justify that when it’s basically the Samsung Odyssey, except without the controller or inside out tracking for $300 more.

  • Michael Williams

    lmao… 800$ JUST for the headset! not a full package with sensors and controllers? without built in wireless or anything? Fucking Insulted!

  • dartg

    $400 YES
    $800 lol NOPE

  • impurekind

    So, about a grand all in–and I’m not including a PC in the price here, just the headset plus controllers and base stations. 😮

  • Omar Ceja Salgado

    Whomever chose that price is clearly on drugs. HTC clearly has a very different idea of what “driving addoption” means.

  • Rick L

    Sometime in the future when this hits finally $400,
    I will be interested in whatever else is much better and cheaper by then.

  • Hone McBone

    I’ve gotten my monies worth out of the original Vive & was interested in upgrading to the Pro, but $800 US for the headset by itself is ridiculous. I’d pay that price it if it included the knuckle controllers, new lighthouses & the intel wireless upgrade. Now I guess I’ll wait for a price drop, for the LG/Valve headset to be released, or improved controllers for the Microsoft mixed reality headsets.

  • HybridEnergy

    I think the price isn’t just high, it’s a bit insulting. It’s mostly that as I read around, it isn’t that people don’t have the money…it’s that it’s hard to justify the price. If the HMD was a revolution in VR and not just an evolution it would make sense, but it’s got the resolution of an already available cheaper competitor and a bump in comfort and features. After taxes and delivery it’s closer to 900 as well. Why treat your customers this way HTC? only a week after the announcement that RIFT has passed you in the steam user survey. Unless there really is a secret sauce to this thing, where reviewers start coming out saying that it’s amazing…but that hasn’t been the case.

  • Sandy Wich

    Unbelievable. HTC has lost their fucking MIND!

    Nobody but genuine, no hope fanatics would EVER PAY THAT PRICE.

    Try 800 dollars for 2 knuckles controllers AND the lightboxes guys. ./wave

  • JesperL

    No way!

  • JesperL

    For me in Europe the price is 1085$ – That is insane!

  • Dllemm

    Ooooh noooo VR costs the same as my cell phone! Day 1 for me, thanks for being brave HTC.

    • AJ_74

      Whaaa… Huh?

  • daveinpublic

    HTC seems to be going for the money. This doesn’t seem very forward thinking, but if this gets them the money they need to continue advancing in VR, that’s that. Facebook is patiently waiting, rolling out new features, listening to the market, releasing a cheap headset… Windows is also planning for the future with Hololens, being first with inside out tracking, less expensive headsets… Google is trying to get into VR standalone… and HTC, they seem to be out of ideas except including a deluxe audio strap and Odyssey screen. I don’t mind paying more if there’s something that seems revolutionary, but there’s no eye tracking or new controllers or anything.

  • polysix

    higher res or not, rift is still better for many tangible reasons that just ‘work’ and just ‘feel good’ (inc ergonomics, controllers, front end and software).

    I say this as an ex vive and psvr owner and current rift owner. Rift is the winner of gen 1. This vive stop gap is a cash grab before real gen 2 comes and destroys them (Rift 2… LG… Samsung)

  • TimothyStone

    LOL.. $800? Just for the HMD. Well, they are done.

  • Ilia Sedelkin

    I think this price is only justifiable for arcade operators.
    HTC is clearly focusing on that market, initially offering “the most premium” experience at a price point not very feasible for consumers. Pretty sure the price will come down soon enough though, or more will be included in the bundle.

  • The reactions can be read all over the web and they say that the price is too high. They’re targeting professionals and this can have sense, but of course the enthusiasts are pretty angry for this price