New Vive, Pimax Power Kits Ditch Power Adapters And Simplify Your Setup

by Jamie Feltham • January 17th, 2019

Earlier this month we took a look at Accell’s USB-C VR adapter for Rift and Windows. The kit allows existing headsets to take advantage of new USB-C DisplayPorts. HTC’s Vive, however, couldn’t use the kit due to its different setup. These new products from Tundra Labs don’t make Vive USB-C compatible, but they can simplify things a little bit.

The company recently announced two new offerings, a Power Kit for the HTC Vive and Vive Pro headsets and an equivalent for the new Pimax VR devices. Both require a bit of setup but, once assembled, should make getting into VR a bit easier. The main draw here is that both kits do away with the need to plug a headset into an external power supply. They both feature a SATA 2 DC barrel connector. This connects to a power supply port inside your PC. You then fit a custom bracket with a DCI port into the back of your rig.

With that installed you can switch out the power cables intended for wall sockets with a new one included in the kit. You’ll now be getting power directly from your PC, doing away with one of the more troublesome wires in your VR setup.

There are a few nice extras too. A nylon cable cover allows you to thread all three wires coming from the Vive’s power box into one space and then group them closer together with cable ties. Note that we haven’t tried these products for ourselves, so we don’t know if there could be any issues with the change in power supply etc.

Tundra’s Power Kits start shipping in February. The HTC Vive kit currently costs $15.99 and the Pimax alternative goes for $19.99.

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