Vive Revealing Enterprise Product News This Thursday

by Ian Hamilton • November 5th, 2018

We’ll be in attendance this Thursday for an HTC Vive enterprise-related product announcement.

We don’t know anything more than the silicon valley location of the private press event and the promise of hands-on time with whatever is being announced. We’re curious to see what next steps are planned for Vive products as we’ve been waiting for the United States launch of the Vive Focus, HTC’s standalone headset which comes with a limited 3DoF controller, and to see if the company might be planning any new features or packages for its high-end Vive Pro and the Vive Wireless Adapter.

Or perhaps something new is in store for Vive?

We’ve had no hint we’ll see this but we do hope to get to try theĀ 6DoF controllers for the standalone Vive Focus. With Oculus Quest coming in 2019 for only $400, it will be interesting to see if HTC positions its add-on and controllers as an optional feature for certain business applications on the Focus, or if the company has other plans come 2019.

We’ll plan to bring you the very latest starting around 11 a.m Pacific time on Thursday, right here on UploadVR.

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