Vive And Rift Usage Nearly Tied In October Steam Hardware Survey

by Jamie Feltham • November 6th, 2017

Over the past few months Valve’s Steam Hardware and Software Survey has shown the Oculus Rift catching up to its biggest competitor, the HTC Vive, in terms of usage. As of October 2017, it appears the two are almost neck-and-neck.

Vive now has 48.76% of the total VR usage on Steam, down from 50.16% last month. Rift, meanwhile, is up to 47.61%, a small increase over last months 46.87%. That means there’s now just over a percent between the two. Biting your fingernails, yet?

Rift’s uptick is largely attributed to this summer’s sale, which saw the VR headset drop to $399, a good $400 cheaper than Vive at the time. Vive later dropped down to $599 to help combat this, but at Oculus Connect 4 last month, Rift made its $399 price point permanent. It’s an aggressive move for Facebook’s Oculus; could it mean we see Rift overtake Vive in next month’s survey?

While it’s certainly possible, Vive has a strong month of releases ahead of it, including LA Noire: The VR Case Files, while anyone that picks up a headset in November will also get a free copy of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 when it launches in December (which, notably, isn’t getting official Rift support just yet).

As always, we have to stress that these figures don’t give us a definitive means to telling which company has sold more headsets. It obviously doesn’t account for VR owners that haven’t used their headset on Steam in the past month, or Oculus owners that don’t have Steam. Participation in the survey is also optional, so not every Rift/Vive using Steam will be accounted for. Still, given just how popular and open the SteamVR platform is, it’s a good indicator of the current VR trends.

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    90% of Rift users don’t even know Steam exist. I never buy on Steam because it’s a crash fest. So that can only means that there are way much more Rift than Vive sold. Vive is dying, Vive is the new Microsoft.

    • Rickard Larsson

      90 percent? Where did you get that figure from??? Both Rift and Vive owners are probably most pretty dedicated PC gamers, and most of those use Steam. For PSVR users the 90 percent figure could be true though. The whole “I chose this product so the other must be crap” argument is just fanboyism.

      • Jean-Sebastien Perron

        Facts :
        Vive is twice the price of the Rift (Why pay more for less?)
        Vive has the worst screen door
        Vive has the blurriest center vision
        Vive has giant sticks as controllers
        Vive is way heavier and painful to wear.
        Vive has no integrated headphones.

        • Rickard Larsson

          And I have seen others take the opposite stance based on better tracking, color and what not. It’s not useful to be a dedicated fanboy for either of them, or any product for that matter. In a few months the Pimax 8k will probably beat them both anyway.

          • AtmosContagion

            I doubt the pimax will “beat” any of the current big players. The kickstarter price was “at cost” for them, so the retail price will be even higher. Price plays a huge role in what sells.

            Rift and Windows MR are between $400-500. Vive is at $600. Pimax retail looks to be between $800-1000+ based on kickstarter pricing for the full kit.

            It’s just going to be in a niche until that pricing can be more competitive.

          • Thoemse

            Depends on what you define as beat? The Pimax will beat them by having the best FOV, Screen and resolution. They will sure as hell not beat them in sales. They cannot win this upwards battle against the two big players on the PC and I doubt that is their aim. They can however become a 3rd player over time wich is a good thing especially because they do not try to build another eco-system but use SteamVR.

          • TheRealSpiderman

            definitely not, I mean the Pimax isn’t even 8K but it’s labelled as such. A blatant lie, PR trickery, or what have you. Not to mention that no games will run in their true resolution because you would need an absolute beast of a machine to run it. I have an i7-8700K and a 1080ti and wouldn’t be able to push native 4K @ 90fps.

        • dk

          – vive is 600 ……rift is 460(with 3rd cam) and it needs cable extensions
          – the sde difference is insignificant and comes from some blurring filter the rift has……so the vive pic is sharper including the sde
          – that doesn’t make any sense….clear sde but it’s somehow blurry??
          – and no matter what u hold u r holding the grip of a gun but let’s say that we don’t care about that …….both controllers have to be updated to something that straps to your hand
          – the vive was updated it’s the same weight as the rift
          – the vive has earbuds and u can set it up so that they r hanging right next to your years …………..the only way to change the audio on the rift is expensive oculus headphones that u can’t use with absolutely anything else or removing the headphones and using wireless ones which might add latency ……in any case u can’t use any headphones u like

    • Killer_Kopy

      And for my next trick… I’ll pull more unsubstantiated stats out of my ass!


    I’m pleased to see that all the Rift/FB haters have been proven WRONG. Period. Both headsets are great, and their functional differences are minimal. Cost is proving to be a deciding factor. In little more than 1 year, the price of PC VR HMD’s has more or less been cut in half. Competition is good.